According to Gabriele Busiello, building up an exceptional customer service team may be a challenging task. As the business grows, it becomes imperative to develop and expand a team that can fulfill all the desires of the growing customers and audiences. It hardly matters whether your business is big or small, a customer support team must always be there to respond.

Let’s explore some of the tips to create the best customer service team with the leading sales director of Shedir Pharma and an administrator of Busiello Building Srl, Gabriele Busiello.

1. Hire Motivated Employees for Best Customer Service

According to Gabriele Busiello, hiring a person with lots of experience and the right skills may not be enough if he/she does not possess the right and positive attitude towards the customer. Having the right attitude is one of the essential and non-negotiable things that you must look in when you hire a person. Also, look for a person who is highly motivated and takes his/her work as a responsibility, not as a burden.  While hiring, ask questions like why you are in this field?  Why do you like this field? Are you familiar with Customer services?  How would you handle the customers? Questions like this can help you to find a better and right person for your team.

2. Hold Weekly Meetings

Communication is one of the most quintessential things that can make everything feasible, said by Gabriele Busiello. So if there are communication and information boundaries between your customers and team, then you need to sort it out. You can sort out this problem by gathering all of your employees and hold meetings. Have a discussion with everyone, ask them about their problems and provide them the solution. During the meeting’s keep in mind that the main goal of holding a meeting is to provide them the relevant information and to motivate them. Apart from this, you can also tell them about new strategies that you must include to boost up the business.

3. Make Sure Your Customer Service Representatives Are Occupied

You can have the most remarkable customer service experiences and the most salutary training in the world, but if your employees are not engaging with customers, it won’t matter at all. Enhancing employee engagement is another way to make sure customers have a fabulous experience. Unhappy employees are unlikely to come forward with their problems, so consider an unidentified suggestion box or an employee engagement survey to see what makes your workers tick.

4. Trust And Empower Your Employees

Hiring an employee isn’t enough to build up a killer customer service team. It’s really important to trust and empower your employees. Let your employees feel that you are like a friend to them. Make them feel that there is nothing that you can do that they can’t do for a customer. This will generate more positive energy in your employees, and they will work with their full affection and dedication.


It hardly matters whether you are an owner of a little shop or an owner of a famed e-commerce store, if you do not have the right customer service team you won’t be successful. So according to the Gabriele Busiello – a leading sales director and an administrator of Busiello Building Srl, these were some of the tips that can help you to find and create a perfect customer service team that can boost your sales and business to the next level.