Nowadays, there are no gender differences in engineering. You can find girls in all fields of engineering. Whether you take up a profession depends on your enthusiasm, vitality and long-term goals.

These days, girls challenge boys in every field, so why not in aeronautical engineering? Aeronautical engineering doesn’t mean you have to lift weights, there is much more to do in this field.

So herewith Olivier Jollin – an expert Aerospace Engineer, and a test pilot, let’s find out amazing career options for girls in Aerospace engineering.

Career Options

There are limitless career options for girls once you get your degree completed. Both the Government as well as private sectors seek for the girls who have achieved their degree successfully.

Fundamentally an Aerospace Engineer design, develops, researches, tests and maintains the performance of military & civil aircraft, rockets, missiles, weapons systems, satellites, etc. Influential jobs for girls are accessible in Air Force, Airlines, Corporate Research Companies, Helicopter Companies, Defence Ministry, Aviation Companies, NASA, Aeronautical Laboratories, government-owned air services, and many others.

The field of teaching is also open for girls owning a master’s degree in aerospace engineering. So let’s have a check of various job opportunities for girls in Aerospace Engineering.


Drafters are the personas that are qualified for the drafting and rendering of the satellite, aircraft, and jetliners before they are developed.

This job is one of the intricate jobs amongst all. While outlining and drafting the aspects of the aircraft and planes the drafter has to keep in mind about all the assets such as every aspect of the craft, diverse angles, and views from all sides, etc.

Choosing a profession of a drafter may be an immeasurable decision for the girls after pursuing the Aeronautical Engineering Degree.

Aerospace Engineers

A look at any auto website shows that the airline industry remains one of the most competitive industries in America. With rising passionate prices, excessive pressure to reduce carbon emissions, and increasing migrant demand for improved facilities, airlines depend on effective aerospace engineers to develop innovative, dynamic new forms of air travel.

Although various automated aerospace engineers are developing aircraft that can withstand the test of time, the threat of weather changes and longer delays at airports (both problems caused by too many planes in the air) are driving planners back to the drawing board.

Therefore, competent design is required to build new aircraft that meet these demands while being suitable for inventive reuse in the future. Aerospace engineering can also be a better career option for girls.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are the personalities everyone relies on. Almost all parts of spacecraft, rockets and aircraft are made by them to function appropriately and efficiently. Whether it is a small senor or a huge aircraft engine, each and every part is designed and manufactured by them so that it works well for the present generation as well as for the future.

So, we can say that becoming a mechanical engineer after graduating in aerospace engineering can be a fabulous career option for girls. It is also one of the most prestigious professions in this field of engineering.

Flight Technicians

The type of work flight technicians do in the aerospace industry depends on which field the technician prefers. There are different types of technicians in the aerospace industry, particularly aircraft mechanics, aerospace engineers and avionics specialists.

They are all responsible for the maintenance, configuration, testing and enforcement of spacecraft, aircraft and control systems. The demand for such technicians is increasing every year as private and government aerospace companies grow. So this could also be a good career option for girls.

Pilots or Crew Members

Becoming a pilot or crew member is a dream of many people. It enables you to fly in the air and gives you a lot of pleasure. But the competition for such a job is too big and tough. When you apply for this job, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of space technology.

You also need to pass all the rounds of examinations, such as physical fitness, medical examination, etc. We can say that it is one of the perfect career options for girls who have modern knowledge about space technology.

According to the expert Olivier Jollin, these are the various career options that girls can opt for after graduating in the field of aerospace engineering.