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Written by Alister Toma | June 6, 2019

Alister Toma - Real Estate Business

Whether you start a real estate business or any other business, the most important thing is that your business must make money and grow in the competitive world. So what it takes to make this possible in the business world? The answer is – strategies. How you plan and execute your business makes all the difference. In addition, market knowledge, and the quality of adapting trends and innovation are also necessary to grow a business. So, let’s find out few good strategies to grow your real estate business with the real estate developer Alister Toma.

Fix It And Flip It

According to this strategy, an individual buys a house, fix it up and sell it at the best price in the market, and this process is known as flipping. Many individuals approach real estate developers for help in flipping the house. Although flipping many properties bring modest profit, it comes with a lot of risks. To make this strategy work, better if you buy a house below market value and estimate the accurate cost of repair. Also, make sure you correctly estimate after repair value (ARV). If you are new in real estate business, it is advisable to consider expert’s advice before you jump into flipping houses.

Focus The Vacation Rental Market

A vacation rental is a very good strategy for you as a real estate developer for your clients to earn money in the real estate market. It works better during peak tourist season. In this season, you can rent your property to tourists at the best price along with all the basic facilities. And if you own a house at the best location or in the center of the city, it can fetch many tourists. Now the question is, how will you make money form the same property once the tourist season ends? Usually, it becomes difficult to earn income when the season end. However, to avoid such situation and to earn profit throughout the year, it is advisable to price the property low enough to make money year round.

Furnished The Property You Want To Sell

For most buyers, viewing property is a nostalgic experience. They like to visualize and imagine how their new home might look like when they live there. Therefore, if you are marketing an empty house, you may find it difficult to sell. Usually, most clients make their mind from the moment they first view a property. So, if the property you’re selling is unfurnished and you have photographs of empty rooms, it may not give a good first impression. When you are in the real estate industry, it is important for you to understand that the first impression is actually very important to make things work smoothly..

So, instead of trying to sell an empty house, furnish it so the potential buyer can get a better idea of what this house looks like living in.

Final Thoughts

So these are the few good tips from the experienced real estate developer- Alister Toma to grow and develop real estate business. If you still have any query or want to share your thoughts regarding the strategies to grow build a successful real estate business, feel free to write below in the comment box.

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