Penalties’ regarding driving under influence varies from country to country. If you ever face a situation where you are arrested under DUI charges, it can be a matter of concern. DUI arrest can make your life extremely difficult as it can bring a disgrace to you and your family. From frequent court visits to paying penalties and attending DUI classes, are some of the aftermaths attached with DUI arrests. Being accused and convicted of DUI can be a cause of fear and distress. If you ever face such situations, it’s important to have knowledge of the repercussions.  DUI penalties in Las Vegas varies depending on the gravity of the situation.

DUI in Las Vegas comes under the category of wrong behavior, but the severity of punishment varies after every conviction.

DUI penalties for the first time offenders


If it’s your first time, the maximum fine you will have to pay is $1000. But in addition to that, you may have to pay court charges. In usual scenarios, you don’t have to pay the entire penalty but you should expect to pay more than $500 amount in the penalty.

Prison Time

If it’s your first time with drunk driving, still you will have to go to prison. The maximum time first-time offenders will have to serve is six months, but the suspension of jail time is under the discretion of the court. If you are first the time offender, it’s important to consult the best DUI lawyer in Las Vegas. How much time you will dispensation depends on noncriminal history, injury to the third party and drug level. You can get your sentence suspended if you don’t face such charges. But if your case has such legal factors, then you need the consultation of the top attorney to justify your case.


You will have to face such a situation if your sentence is suspended. Under probation, the court may direct you to undergo substance evaluation and treatment. You may be asked to attend a DUI school or attend the victim impact panel. You will be also ordered not to break any law of state or local authority. If you try to avoid your probation, you will have to face jail time. The court is not that strict if it’s your first-time violation of probation. But, still, you will have to spend a few days in jail if you try to avoid probation.

License suspension

For the first time offenders, suspension of driving license is the first penalty they have to face. The suspension period is three months but you can get a restricted license after 45 days. You can use this license to travel for work, probation appointments and other limited destinations.

If you are under DUI charges, it is important to have knowledge of penalties you will have to face. To make your case strong and avoid harsh punishments, consult top Las Vegas dui attorney. They have all the skills and knowledge that will help you to come out clean and lead a normal life again.