Home decoration is an extremely systematic project. From the preliminary preparations to the final acceptance after the decoration is completed, a detailed house decoration step is required for reference. So what is the sequence of home improvement?

The sequence process of home improvement and decoration. Home improvement is an extremely systematic project. From the preliminary preparation to the final acceptance after the completion of the decoration, a detailed house decoration step is required for reference. So what is the sequence of home improvement?

Confirm the overall decoration style, color matching, and space usage of the house. After confirming the decoration design, the construction direction and the materials to be purchased, and the decoration of home appliances are basically available. Therefore, the first step of decoration is to make a decoration design. You can clarify the final decoration design drawing according to your actual situation and ideal style, combined with the designer’s design ideas.

  • Wall demolition

According to the decoration design drawing plan, the walls except the load-bearing wall shall be demolished and modified. The overall layout of the interior can be rearranged to achieve your own ideal state. It should be noted here that before the wall is dismantled and modified, it is necessary to confirm with the property that it can be dismantled and modified and to bypass the load-bearing wall for modification, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles during the decoration and construction.

  • Hydropower planning

The first step to start construction is to plan for hydropower. This project is a concealed project and will often be used in future life. Therefore, when choosing hydropower materials, it is necessary to build on the basis of safety and durability and choose environmentally friendly materials with quality assurance. And after the completion of the hydropower construction, strict inspections are required, because once there are problems with the check-in in the future, it will not only involve safety issues, but also a very difficult issue.

  • Waterproof works

After the hydropower planning is completed, waterproof construction should be carried out. Before waterproofing, clean up the waterproof area and apply the waterproof coating. When the waterproof layer is completely dry, a closed-water test is required for at least 24 hours, and it must be checked and accepted with the property staff to confirm that the waterproofing is correct. A construction.

  • Paint and tiling

After the construction and acceptance of the concealed project, paint and tile the walls and floors according to the decoration design drawings. It should be noted that when choosing materials, choose environmentally friendly materials on the basis of quality assurance, and choose non-slip and durable materials for ceramic tiles. The overall color should be consistent with the decoration renderings.

  • Install appliances

For the installation of electric lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, and other household appliances such as shoe cabinets, wardrobes, and beds. It needs to be arranged according to the planning and layout of the decoration design drawing to ensure the use of the area while being more beautiful. When choosing, you must purchase according to your own actual situation, and do not choose products without a warranty because of cheapness. Show now with AO discount code at NHS Discount Code.

After the overall installation is completed, it will enter the acceptance stage. At the time of acceptance, not only the stability of electrical installation but also the overall interior decoration effect and the environmental protection of materials must be checked. At the same time, it is necessary to confirm with the decoration team and the quality assurance of the materials in the later stage to avoid falling into the point where there is no one to deal with the problems in the later stage.