Are you hosting a small family gathering? Thinking of ordering pizza from Pizza Hut? Wondering how many slices in a large pizza from Pizza Hut? If your response is yes, read the entire blog to get the answer to your query. However, before we dive deeper, let’s get to know about the famous restaurant chain, Pizza Hut in the first place.

An Overview of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Who can say no to hot piping, crispy, and yummy pizza? Whether a birthday party or family gathering, Pizza is a perfect add-on to your food menu. Whether it is midnight hunger or brunch time, pizza makes a perfect meal to satisfy your food cravings. Be it a vegetarian or non-veg lover, pizza can make anyone feel happy and content.

There are many restaurants across the world that offer a wide variety of delicious and mouth-watering pizzas. However, nothing can beat the taste and flavors of pizzas offered at Pizza Hut. Headquartered in Texas, United States,

Pizza Hut is a globally acclaimed American multinational restaurant chain known for serving yummy pizzas and other food items across the world.

From pan pizzas to pasta, garlic bread, and dessert, the restaurant offers a wide range of food items and beverages to cater to the needs of food lovers. The restaurant offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery options. You will be surprised to know that Pizza Hut is one of the world’s largest pizza chains having more than 17,639 restaurants worldwide as of 2020.

Since its launch in the year 1958, Pizza Hut has been serving the most finger-licking and lip-smacking pizzas. It is dominating the food industry and has become a key player in this fast-food world. 

Whether a romantic pizza date or a cozy family dinner, this restaurant is ideal to make any moment extra special and memorable. Plus, hearty, cheesy, and hot pizzas can make any get-together great. No matter how you slice it and eat it, pizzas by Pizza Hut are the top pick for every occasion.

Now the question comes: how many slices in a large pizza? Well, continue reading the blog to get an answer.

How Many Slices In A Large Pizza?

eight slice pizza

Well, a large-sized Pizza Hut pizza is around 14 inches and contains almost 12 slices, enough to serve anywhere between 4 to 6 people.

There are also 12-inch medium-sized pizzas that include 6 to 8 slices and serve 2 to 4 people. 

You can even order the customized small-sized pizza of 8 inches that offers 4 to 6 slices, enough for 1 to 2 persons.

If you want to order pizza for the crowd, we recommend you opt for a 14-inch large-sized pizza to have a perfect treat.

How Many Pizzas One Should Order?

Pizza Hut offers pizzas in multiple sizes like 8 inches, 12 inches, and 14 inches. You should choose the one as per your needs, occasion, and the number of people.

Some factors to consider when ordering pizza so that you can avoid wasting food or running out of pizza are listed below.


The size and number of pizzas you should order largely depend on the occasion. If you are celebrating your wedding anniversary with your loved one, a small-sized or medium-sized pizza is more than enough. However, if you are hosting a weekend feast for your buddies and family members, it makes sense to order 3-4 large-sized pizzas.

Of course, medium pizzas are the perfect meal option for kids’ pizza parties.


If you are a coarse eater and are not likely to stop before having five slices, you must order a personal small-sized pizza just for yourself. However, if you are on diet you might not even want to have a bite.

Appetite varies from person to person. Some can eat an entire pizza while some can satisfy their hunger with just one slice.

Generally, when calculating how much pizza to order, the best bet is two slices for a child and 3 slices for an adult. If your guest has a big pizza appetite, order accordingly.

Closing Words

Whether you are a coarse eater or a veggies lover, Pizza Hut is for everyone. The restaurant’s menu covers both regular pizzas and organic pizzas. Hopefully, now you know how many slices in a large pizza from Pizza Hut. You can order your favorite pizza online or prefer to dine in to enjoy your favorite snack at the restaurant.

Bon Appétit!