Those who love to go on adventurous trips, nothing is going to stop them but back pain. It is a crippling experience that can leave you exhausting even after carrying out routine tasks. One cannot travel to places if back pain has taken its toll on his body. Outdoor ventures become a dream for such people. However, it should not be as difficult as it sounds or as it has been implemented in your mind. Would you believe me if I say that you can go for Pawna lake camping while back pain? Here are some handy tips that can help you experience camping near Mumbai even if your back is hurting and you think you can’t do anything with it having its impact on your health. Let’s get started!

Be a smart packer

When you are down with a bad back, you can think of packing lighter before heading to Pawna lake camping. But we do not want you to leave a few things home just because you are having back pain. Instead of packing lighter, you can pack smarter. Ziploc bags are a comfortable option to keep many things in one place without making the bag swell. Further, you can store ice and medicines in those bags to get relief from back pain.

Stretch and stretch more!

Stretching is a good exercise when you are having a bad back. Stretch in the morning and before any physical activity. Stretching helps you relax some muscles especially back muscles. It also helps in releasing accumulated lactic acid. This further helps in keeping you stay on your feet so that you can climb that mountain without feeling a bit of pain in the back.

Keep your night supplies ready

It is important to keep a sleeping bag ready with all the essentials such as a camping mat, comforter, and a lumbar pillow to give extra support to your back. When you get proper sleep in the night, you will feel energetic and no back pain in the morning. Sleep can do wonders for your back. Never underestimate the power of good sleep.

Get all your medicines and some extra too

To be honest, only sleeping better and stretching cannot take your pain away. You must be prepared for an emergency where treating your back pain with medicines is the only way out. You must ensure that you have all the necessary prescribed and over-the-counter medicines in your camping first aid kit along with other medicines. Taking one ibuprofen and Tylenol every three hours help but you must consult with your doctor before acting on this tip. As Tylenol has negative effects too, speaking with your doctor helps in the long run.

In a nutshell, your back pain may have made you cripple a bit but it should not stop you from camping near Mumbai or any other places you like. Back pain is common and thus do not let it ruin your vacation and adventurous trips. Take extra care of it and you will see you can do camping just like other people.