Glove boxes are used to manipulate the items in a vacuum chamber. They allow the researchers or operators to work with hazardous substances including infectious disease agents or radioactive materials. The operators can also use the Glove Boxes to manipulate the substances in purity inert atmosphere including nitrogen or argon.

You should not open the isolation device – Isolation Glove Boxes to an air. It should be opened only during servicing. It is necessary to note H­­2O, O2, and glove box pressure before starting the work. You need to keep the gloves in an extended position and maintain a constant pressure inside the glove box.

Maintenance of the glove box                          

You should minimize the use of sharp objects inside the gloves because holes may be formed and cause entry of moisture and oxygen inside. It is suggested to check for any holes in the glove before starting the work and after finishing the work. If you find a hole in the glove, it is time to replace or request the operator to repair. It is advised not to use damaged gloves.

You need to place the latex or cotton gloves before putting your hands into the rubber gloves. It helps to maintain the gloves clean and neat. You should not use pumping action because it may cause pressure and the contamination.

Procedure to follow when changing the gas cylinders for glove boxes

You need to turn off the gas supply valve to the glove box. It is necessary to open venting valve after closing the cylinder valve. You need to select the right wrench for detaching steel hose from a cylinder. You can make use of the gas cylinder cart to bring in the new cylinder. It is advised to use the correct spanner to attach the hose to a new cylinder. Gently open the cylinder valve slowly until hearing a hiss sound. You need to allow the gas for just 3 seconds. Open the supply valve of the glove box after closing the vent valve. You can open the cylinder value fully and return by just one turn.


Promptly inform the lab safety lead if you are unable to silence the alarm. You should immediately stop the work and wait until the cause of alarm is identified and the fault is fixed. If you cannot use the glove box, secure the chemicals in a sealed container that has inert gas. You need to put a warning seal or tag on the glove to prevent usage.

In case of a power failure, you need to connect the Plastic Laboratory Glove boxes to the emergency power outlet using a temporary extension cord. Normally emergency power outlets boast an orange or yellow label.

Change of the vacuum pump oil                      

You should stop using the glove box. You need to change the pump oil at least once in 6 months. Switch On the pump and ensure oil is warm and switch off the pump. You need to wear protective gear such as safety glasses, lab coat and gloves when changing the pump oil. You need to follow the safety procedures to prevent accidents.