When renovating a bathroom, there are so many decisions that need to be made. From choosing the right style for designs to selecting the new positions for different fixtures in the bathroom, this can be a daunting task. You need to have the right guidance to decide correctly.

Some painters and decorators in London specialise in providing bathroom renovation services. You can contact these decorators to get an idea that can inspire you, and you can hire them to use their services.

To send down some inspiration for your bathroom, we have listed some renovation and design ideas that could come in handy. The list was gathered from recent trends featuring bathroom styles and designs that can give your bathroom that sparkling and fascinating look.

  1. Patterned Floor

    Enough with the plain floors! You should try patterned for once and see the outcome. Patterned designs have a way of exuding attractiveness and style. Patterned floors are currently trending in bathroom designs. Be it a straight, random, diagonal or monochrome pattern, it always gives off the desired effect. There are so many patterned designs on the internet and on design books that you can choose to use. Pick the design that suits you and get it done.

  2. Couple’s sink

    Imagine combining functionality with style. A couple’s sink can save two people a lot of time by giving them two sets of mirrors and sinks. With this decor, you no longer have to wait for someone else before you can use the bathroom. Also, a couple’s sink is very stylish and helps to create a certain balance in the bathroom.

  3. A Touch of Nature

    Nothing beats the relaxing feeling we get from having a proper soak in a warm tub after a long day! Combine this feeling with watching a plant bloom by the side of the bathroom. A touch of nature can be refreshing. Instead of leaving your bathroom looking dull and boring, you can spice things up by growing a plant, so that you can interact with nature from your bathroom.

  4. White

    There is something about a bathroom that is painted white. White signifies light and brightness, and white rooms always have a way of reflecting light perfectly. White bathrooms are classic and allow for an aerated, fresh and neat bathroom environment. Also, by using white in a small bathroom, you can make it feel a lot larger. A combination of white walls, tiles, ceilings, and accessories in your bathroom will do an excellent job in adding style to it.

  5. Mirrors

    Mirrors have a way of making small spaces feel bigger. If you intend to create an illusion of a bigger bathroom, consider including a lot of mirrored surfaces. A mirrored surface will reflect more light around the bathroom, making the room brighter and more ventilated. You can also consider including marbled counters and cabinets. Just anything to give the room that mirrored look.

  6. Storage Space

    When bathrooms get clustered and too packed with toiletries and bathroom accessories, it can lose its beauty. In renovating your bathroom, you should create more space for things to be stored. Keeping all toiletries in a custom-made shelf will make the environment tidier than leaving them on sinks and mirrors.

  7. Freestanding bath

    Freestanding baths are one of the latest innovations in bathroom designs. There is this classy and luxurious look your bathroom gets with a freestanding bath in it. The good thing about these baths is that they can go with almost any design. They do not need a specific design to fit in. You can creatively customise your bath to suit your taste and personality. Bathing time will never be the same.

  8. Walk-in Showers

    Walk-in showers have a way of maximising the space in a bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, a walk-in shower is a good way of managing space in it. They come in different sizes, styles, and shapes so you can easily pick the one that suits you and get it installed. A walk-in shower will remove the blandness from your bathroom.

  9. New Heating Styles

    While we are considering bathroom renovations, we know just how much space radiators can take. Since heating is preliminary in the bathroom, we can’t remove radiators, but we can install more stylish ones. Radiators today come in different forms and styles. Today we have the mirror radiators, Lego radiators, silhouette radiators, and the towel rail radiators. Your radiator no longer has to be a space occupier in the room; it can now add beauty, colour, and style and even create space.

  10. Excellent Lighting

    What wonders lighting can do! Instead of going for harsh, extremely bright lights, why not try the dim, mood lighting? Imagine the grandeur these lights will give your bathroom. There are a lot of lighting options to choose from that can create that atmosphere of comfort and warmth in your own home.

At Paint Works London, our bathroom renovations are impeccable. We have skilled decorators ready to change the look of your bathroom. Our experience, coupled with excellent delivery and style, will leave you utterly satisfied. If you are thinking of a bathroom renovation, contact us today and let’s get started.