4 Proven Tips To Improve Sleep At Night

Today, due to hectic life and poor lifestyle, many people deal with various different health problems and insomnia is one of them. When the quality of your sleep is poor, it may cause various issues like low blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, etc.

According to experts including Psychiatrist Tim Fogliano, every adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep every day to maintain a healthy body. Those who are careless in maintaining quality of sleep often deal with various issues in their lives.

Now the question is, how to improve the quality of sleep? Let’s explore with Dr. Tim Fogliano from New York.

1. Maintain necessary sleep hygiene

According to Tim Fogliano, waking up early in the morning help you to follow basic sleep hygiene. Experts say, every morning if you absorb a sufficient amount of sunlight, it allows you to stay fresh and energetic. Also, if you make a fixed time to wake and sleep, it will automatically help you to maintain quality of sleep. So, from now set your alarm clock and try to wake up early, absorb some amount of sunlight, and try to go to bed early. It will take a few days; then your body will get used to it.

2. Keep the room temperature cool

Keeping the room temperature cool helps to prevent you from sleep from getting disturbed. Usually, the temperature in a room plays a key role in maintaining the quality of sleep. If the temperature is not as per your need, it may interrupt your sleep. Therefore, keep this thing in mind and make sure the temperature in a room is accurate to maintain the cooling in a room. After all, why to compromise? When a little comfort can maintain a quality of sleep. So, from no make sure you have an accurate temperature in your room that keeps your bedroom cool as per your need.

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Most people may not know that the food items that are rich in protein and carbohydrates, and exercises are very helpful in promoting healthy lifestyle. Morning exercise and eating more carbohydrates in breakfast improve the transportation of amino acid to the brain. In most cases, people suffer from insomnia because of a lack of carbohydrates in the liver. Also, it causes low blood sugar level, which leads to disturbed sleep. Therefore, eating enough food items that are rich in carbohydrates in breakfast meal helps in preventing insomnia.

4. Relax your mind

You can easily improve the quality of sleep if you follow a psychological winding down routine. To achieve this, all you need to do meditation in the darkness, or you can even try playing video games while wearing blue-light-blocking glasses. According to psychology, reading a before going to bed also makes you feel sleepy faster. Most time we disturb our sleeping habits because continuously we are thinking about something, especially about work. Therefore, it is necessary to stop thinking about work or anything else before your bedtime. In simple words, falling asleep is easier if you relax your mind an hour or two before going to sleep.

Final Words

So, these are the few good tips from Tim Fogliano to improve the quality of sleep. To know more about psychology treatment or how to deal with anxiety or depression, feel free to write to us. Also, you can write your query below in the comment box.

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