A good product photoshoot on your website can vehemently increase the demand and good proposition among the buyers or clients. By understanding the core value of eCommerce photography, reputed companies choose to hire professional eCommerce photographers.

In various ways, a good photo can boost up your website’s conversion rate. Let’s check out ‘hacks to increase your eCommerce website conversion rate’:

  1. Hire a professional fashion photographer or agency:

    Choosing a professional, reputed and experienced photography agency like Photostreets is a bliss. A reputed agency has a team of photographers and marketers who ideate together to bring innovative images, with just one goal – to increase the conversion rate.
    Always look for their past records, testimonials and work or projects before hiring an agency or eCommerce photographers. Looking for a professional is always a low-hanging fruit for any eCommerce business.

  2. Leveraging from social media content:

    Many eCommerce companies heavily rely on social media marketing because as per the current trend, marketers can easily target their audience via social media marketing. From regularly updating information, posting photos, replying to your customers via personal DMs, etc. help you to keep your customers engaged and well entertained. Also, it is a good idea to work on the quality content of your website’s product details page and social media platforms.

  3. Be vigilant on the image’s quality and website performance:

    Make sure your website’s complete architecture and image strategy are working smoothly throughout time. Always monitor and maintain the page’s load time and image load. Always discuss this regularly with your website developers and SEO manager(s) along with fashion photographers to make sure resolution and size requirements are just fine.

  1. Monitor & maintain the basics of image SEO:

    Never leave a chance on even the minutest things such as meta descriptions. Better meta descriptions on images or pages help you to get more traffic through search engines like Google. Beyond title text and alt text, also consider your strategy for using captions and descriptions with your photos.

  1. Consider using high-resolution videos and 360° viewing options’ photos:

    Work a little harder to get more attention from your audience and give them the best to satisfy.Along with good product images, give your customers a 360-degree virtual view of the product. Reputational and professional eCommerce photographers can comfortably handle advanced technology and can provide 360° product photography.

From product videos to GIFs, lifestyle photography to 360° viewing options is some of the best options to consider if you want to increase the conversion rate.