Kitchen is most important portion in home and we can decorate the kitchen ceramic and blue pottery products. There are a lot of products to decorate Ceramic knobs and drawer pulls. There are a lot parameters  to ceramic and blue pottery product we will discuss step by step to installing process of knobs and drawer at kitchen cabinets.

Update Old Hardware or Add Knobs

Addition of new knobs and replacing the old knobs with different designs and color with match with drawer pulls and knobs. We can decor cabinet with classic designs and knobs and pulls. Ceramic and blue pottery knobs and handles. You can replace the drawers and at new decorative products.

  • Measure a Door Stile:

There are methods to measure where to install the knobs and drawer pulls so measure top to bottom about knobs and pulls

  • Make a  template:

Make a template for set to be demo for it. Each and every method to implement their demo to the real projection  to set decorative and precious knobs to decorative cabinet with outstanding decorative product. Before you fix knobs and drawer pulls.

  • Mark the Point on Your Door

Each and every edges of cabinet will measured to be set the decorative hardware. You have to connect the mark. Each product and decorative hardware to look class

  • Drill the Hole:

The decorative hardware to setting up through the drilling the hole. Most of the knobs have two screw for fitting the knobs and pulls . the measurement of screw and drilled hole. These are different types of products that’s why we can 

  •  Install The Knob:

Cabinet knobs with double screw will be set on cabinet, you need to screw the who drilled to both ends of cabinet and set the knobs according the size and match color.  For installing the knobs and drawer pulls we have to install the

  • Conclusion:

For installing the cabinet hardware there are a lot of processing regarding add the knobs and drawer pulls to kitchen cabinet. Each category of product which proceed to install to the wall. The product with different variety looks classy in different manner.