Ireland is a beautiful country that’s proud of having a powerful tourism industry. It’s opulent heritage and fair attractions make it a stunning island to have your break from all the stress. And where the attraction is, plenty of people would be there also to reserve accommodation throughout the peak season to come and stay in the country. 

This is why it’s really important to know how much good accommodation means with these tips and hacks we have provided in order for you to book the right accommodation in Ireland so that you won’t encounter any terrible or embarrassing problem.


There are plenty of accommodations that Ireland can offer. Tourists are provided with various amenities at different prices. Maybe you want to have fun in the countryside on your motorbike when you take a vacation in Ireland, and booking a hotel that has a spa and swimming pool will not help you on that ideal adventure and will just result in spending a lot of money. 


Bed and Breakfasts are usually the number one pick of tourists when it comes to accommodation options and somehow it’s often hard to beat. These types of smaller lodgings are normally located in residential areas which can be delightful and cozy. Breakfast is included in the rate and it’s often generous! 

Be aware also that although B&Bs are controlled and examined by Ireland’s Tourism Quality Services (find the shamrock seal of approval), there are plenty of amazing establishments that don’t want to pay the annual fee that the stamp of approval requires, so don’t conclude that a place without the shamrock is terrible. 

If you have plans visiting Ireland in the high season, it’s best to make your reservation weeks in advance. You will most likely find a room at a B&B when you arrive out of season. 


In this 21st century travel, hotels are everywhere! And each varies from flashy mega-hotels to bare-bone youth hostels and all-inclusive beach resorts to old-fashioned country inns. But travelers today are looking for something “unique and contemporary” arising from the development of boutique hotels. 

This is why boutique hotels differentiate themselves from bigger chain hotels by providing personalized focus and designed accommodations that functions on a motif. We suggest that you visit Cork city because they have boutique hotels there also if you’re looking for accommodations in the heart of Cork City’s Victorian quarter.

This Cork accommodation is just a short walking distance from Cork City’s popular cultural attractions such as the Cathedrals, The Butter Museum, The Everyman Theatre, The English Market, Cork Opera House, Crawford Gallery, Cork Gaol, and etc. So if you’re looking for cheap accommodation or family hotels in Cork, then this is your place! 


Today, Ireland’s hostels are redeveloping so they can be more appealing to travellers from all walks of life. Most of these hostels come with private rooms and they even cost a tiny part of a modest bed-and-breakfast. 


If you plan to stay longer and begin a base, then you would want to rent a self-catering apartment, cottage, or townhouse. And if you don’t know it yet, self-catering is a big business in Ireland. Take note that there is a minimum rental period which is normally 1 week, however, shorter periods can be negotiated in the off-season.  

Self-catering accommodations are great if you are traveling with your family since they have the convenience of having more room to spread out and a kitchen for preparing meals. You can stay in an Irish Cottage that provides a selection of traditional cottages all over Ireland that are also entirely modernized. Or if you don’t mind spending a little money, you may want to check Ireland accommodations that offer almost all from a chic seaside bungalow to a medieval castle sleeping 20.