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Written by Amanda Mills | February 24, 2023

jennifer lopez and ben affleck works at dunkin drive thru in commercial

All the cinematic fanfare of Super Bowl advertisements has finally arrived, and Dunkin’ Donuts has delivered the cherry on top with their latest offering.

Actor and frequent customer Ben Affleck made a surprise appearance at a Dunkin drive-thru during the airing of the coffee and doughnut chain’s highly anticipated Super Bowl advertisement on February 12.

The Dunkin Drive Thru Commercial 

During this year’s Super Bowl, Ben Affleck starred in a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts that left fans feeling excited and energized. The commercial, which featured Affleck operating the drive-through at a Dunkin’ drive thru in Massachusetts and serving orders to surprised consumers, was one of the first to air during the game. 

In a surprise appearance, Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, drove up to the pickup window and questioned his work ethic, asking “What are you doing? Is that what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?”

The two-time Academy Award winner shares the fervor of his fellow Bostonians for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. He is a regular at Dunkin’ Donuts, so you could spot him there.

Affleck’s comical missteps as he tries to assist the customers include informing one man that they’re out of coffee and pastries. “You’re shi**ing me,” the customer says, to which Affleck replies, “I’m trying to compensate with comedy for my inexperience.” When another client inquires as to his well-being, he responds with a wry, “I’m coming unglued.”

The 50-year-old actor-director reportedly struck a “multi million dollar” agreement with Dunkin’, as reported by ET. Affleck’s engagement with Dunkin’ comprises a monetary payment to him and a contribution to his charity, the Eastern Congo Project.

Last month, a source gave ET the lowdown on the major ad starring Affleck and his wife Jennifer Lopez.

He discussed opening a Dunkin’ drive thru in Los Angeles with Collider in 2019. “Wow, incredible! Every morning, I have a Dunkin’ Donuts. That’s quite strange; I have that every day, and people are always asking, “Where is that? Can you tell me if that’s in the neighborhood? Now I feel like I’m helping to get the message out.”

Affleck is a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts and has been spotted several times exiting a Dunkin’ drive thru or carrying a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Because of how well-known his devotion to the brand is, in 2020, Vulture set out to determine if any of the franchises kept a record of his order.

Fans were overjoyed when the actor and the company finally made their connection official because he is often shown in public with a Dunkin’ coffee and a paper bag.

Supporters’ enthusiasm for the commercial was quickly shared across social media. Executive editor and co-founder of the Block Club in Chicago, Stephanie Lulay, said, “The ad for Dunkin’ Donuts starring Ben Affleck has just won the Super Bowl. IYKYK. I let out a terrible scream.”

Managing editor of National Journal Kirk A. Bado dubbed it the “triumphant return of Ben Affleck” after he was criticized for looking bored at the Grammys the previous week. 

Lauren Comitor of The Athletic Baseball tweeted, “Ben Affleck has never looked happier, man was in his zone.” Jennifer Lopez’s appearance in husband Ben Affleck’s @dunkindonuts #SuperBowl ad, coming up in a minivan (!! ), was deemed the finest performance of the year by film critic Courtney Howard.

For Affleck, the partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts made sense since “people already sort of think that I work for Dunkin,” as he explained to PEOPLE.

 He also spoke about how the commercial was shot at home in Boston, which made it all the more special for him.

Ben isn’t the first Affleck to star in a Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement. In 2016, Casey Affleck, his younger brother, created a humorous parody for Saturday Night Live commemorating the chain.

Rumors and Truth 

In early February 2023, reports surfaced claiming that Affleck and Lopez would be featuring in a Dunkin’ campaign because they had been seen in one of the chain’s Massachusetts locations. Affleck was seen and filmed by fans as he served customers at a Dunkin’ drive-thru  while wearing a custom-made outfit.Lopez seemed more put together than the rest of them as she sat sipping her own iced coffee and walked about in a white puffer jacket and turtleneck.

Lisa Mackay, a customer who spoke with NBC10 Boston about her interaction with Affleck, praised his “very hilarious and quick-witted” demeanor as he delivered her food.

Earlier this month, the corporation teased an upcoming Super Bowl ad on Instagram, and now we know it was for the big game. Bright orange writing read, “Something’s Ben brewing,” over a video of creamer splattering into an icy coffee cup.

2022 – A busy Year

Affleck, aside from manning the Dunkin drive thru, had a full year. He rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez in April 2021, and they later got married on July 16, 2022. 

Lopez, looking back on what she called “one of the best years ever,” commented on the year by sharing a film recapping its highlights and revealing previously unseen photos from her and Marc’s wedding on New Year‘s Day.

The video also shows times spent with their children, such as the February birthday celebration for Emme and Max, twins who are 14 years old. Lopez has a teen daughter with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, while Affleck has three children—Violet, 17, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10—with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Overall, Ben Affleck’s Super Bowl commercial for Dunkin drive thru  was a hit with fans, with many taking to social media to share their excitement and love for the popular coffee and donut chain.

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