How Jumpsuits Have Evolved Through The Years

Written by Vajor | June 18, 2019

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Simplicity and comfort mixed with ease are what are the top most priority when it comes to fashion these days. All of us are so busy living our lives right now that the quicker we get dressed, the better. And nothing looks better, chic and more effortless than a jumpsuit. This all-in-one outfit serves the purpose of any woman getting dressed in a jiffy, and yet looking chic and elegant as ever. The best part is it can be worn on any occasion and make you rock the look right.

At the very beginning since the jumpsuits were first invented, they weren’t meant for fashion at that point but were basically designed for skydivers and parachuters to facilitate them in their jobs. They were initially meant for sports and workwear to begin with. Eventually pilots and other professionals adopted this jumpsuit as their garment to make the dealing in their jobs, the effortless movement and much more… anything far from chic and glamorous. It was only much later after the experimentation by an italian designer, and the rejection of it, that the jumpsuit became a highly adopted upper class fashionable statement. While the jumpsuit was in and out of fashion industry, it started getting accepted and being worn as a women’s garment by women who went to war in place of men fighting overseas. These overalls or jumpsuits were much easier to work and fight in as compared to their elaborate and layered dresses. It was much later after the war, in the 60’s and 70’s that this jumpsuit got a ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ makeover and started reflecting in the luxury brands as newer versions of the jumpsuits, that could be worn more fashionable at various places and with more style and of course more comfort. Over the years, they became more bolder, brighter and fashionable, with embellishments, more experimentation of colours, and newer cuts and silhouettes.

Today jumpsuits online, or the ones that we see women wearing are more toned down, more wearable on a daily basis, something that has from a fashion statement become a fashion staple in many women’s wardrobe. Women can be seen it wearing to work in a very classy manner, to parties to add that oomph factor, to lunch dates for some elegance or to even while heading out for grocery shopping for that added comfort and yet rocking it. All you need is a pair of good footwear, minimalist jewellery and you are good to go.

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