Keetham Lake Of Agra

Written by Anil Sinha | June 29, 2019

Keetham Lake of Agra

Same day agra tour by train was a very memorable trip. I visited the city of Delhi and Agra both. Delhi is the capital of India and real many tourist destinations in Delhi. Delhi is considered a combination of most of the cultures of India. It is so because Delhi is the capital of India and therefore the people from most of the communities live over here. It is the place which offers good livelihood and there are many places to have fun for. Let’s talk about Keetham Lake. It is awesome to be here because I love waters.

Sur Sarovar – Keetham Lake

Sur Sarovar is the other name given to Keetham Lake. The people who gave it this name may have the imagination or interpretation related to water bodies. If you have ever sat besides running water, you must have experienced the noise of the water. The noise of the running water is equivalent to a kind of music. This may be the reason behind calling Keetham Lake to be the Sur Sarovar. The meaning of Sarovar is a lake in English. The meaning of Sur is tune in English. The name Sur Sarovar is very interesting.

How to Reach Sur Sarovar or Keetham Lake?

Sur Sarovar is located around 20 km away from Agra. The Lake is 12 kilometers away from Sikandra. It is located within the Premises of Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. The lake is also linked to the railway track.

Declaration of a National Bird Sanctuary

Sur Sarovar was declared as the National bird sanctuary of India in the year 1991 on 27th of March. The declaration was done by the U.P. Forest Department. The belt of river Yamuna is present around the Sur Sarovar. The location of the lake is very nice because it is situated when you go to Agra from Delhi. Therefore, it is easily possible for you to visit the lake.

The Measurements of the Lake

Keetham Lake is spread across 7.13 km square. The shape of the lake is pentagonal. The government has got some construction done. Some construction has been done for the sake of providing shelter to the birds. The construction also serves as the breeding grounds. Keetham Lake is also known for migratory birds.

Water Arrangements

The arrangement for obtaining raw water for the lake is from Agra canal. The water of Agra Canal originates from Okhla Barrage on the river Yamuna. River Yamuna also flows in Delhi. The water of the lake is used for Mathura Refinery water treatment plant. The raw water is taken from the lake and then it is treated. The Mathura Refinery water treatment plant is located on the premises of the lake.

The Attractions of the Lake

There are over 106 species of birds. These birds are both resident birds and migratory birds. The tendency of the birds is to take a rest on the lake. Therefore the government has constructed some Islands for providing shelter to them. There is sufficient vegetation which has covered the lake. The species of Aquatic Birds which are in Lake are our daughter purple heron, cattle egrets, smaller egrets, night heron, black-necked stork Eurasian spoonbill, Bar-headed Goose, Ruddy Shelduck, common teal, etc.

So, while going from delhi to agra by car, we visited the lake and we realized it was really a Sur Sarovar.

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