Media coverage is a sure shot way to build a strong impact in the competitive world and you can easily raise your brand value by drafting a press release.

One of the most effective ways to build up reputation and awareness in the business loop is to drop a press release. Getting your news covered by big media joints is a thing that any business lures upon to grow exponentially. However, there are many small businesses that find it quite challenging to invest in such aspects but that doesn’t stop them from exploring the immense possibilities that media holds. A free press release is something which if done properly can generate equal buzz in the industry like any other. As we know that the ingredients included play a much important role than the structure, many businesses take the charge in their hands to build up a free PR.

Appealing Story:

Media outlets are always in search of exciting stories and that’s the secret for creating a strong press release. Irrespective of a business’s stature, the main idea is the story and once you feed the media joints with an amazing story, you readily increase your chances to get covered. Spend a considerable amount of time in building up the story and add both the pros and cons that contribute to your brand’s credibility.

Connect with the Media:

If you do not wish to take a chance, then do proper research and jot down all the major media outlets whose subject of interest is the same as yours. Once you’re ready to go, push an email to them directly, and share your story with them. It’s always advisable to take the initiative and hence you can start by even following them on Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other platform they are available on. For getting noticed amongst the huge bundle, make sure that your subject is catchy and contains something that would appeal to them.

Correct Timing:

A lot of efforts go into vain if not properly timed. Take the necessary step when it is required and will earn you maximum credit. Go ahead and share your pitch to the local press beforehand and not wait for the final day to share your story with radio and TV. This way you can earn a lot of coverage on a specific day.

Online Newsroom:

After having finalized your press release, put it up on your website’s newsroom. This way all your important news will be available under one roof which shall further help the media and other journalists to browse through your stories. An engaging thumbnail works wonders in displaying your story. Also, include your nonprofit’s logo on the top of the press release.

Think like a journalist:

Perhaps this is the most crucial factor while you create your own press release. Before you make the pitch, carefully re-read the whole thing and ask yourself what does your content have that would compel the media outlets to take interest in your press release. A new startup can offer several exciting news but an already established one needs to look at it from the media’s view. This is how you craft a polished pitch and justify your stand in the market.

Seal the Deal:

No one wants to entertain a brand that sounds too needy or pushy. Even if you fail in the first attempt don’t outdo yourself to an extent that damages the whole impression. Rather wait for the time and work upon your story to finally close the deal. Work on the quality of your story such that you don’t end up having a one-time affair with the media rather look forward to maintaining an annual coverage with them.