Generating leads is very important in digital marketing and online sales. Despite this, many lead generation companies do not have good strategies for generating leads. Some don’t even know what that means.

First, what is a lead? Is someone who is part of your target audience and has shown interest in your brand and products but has not yet bought

It is essential to generate leads for the following reason: the sales process on the internet takes much longer than in physical places, so your target audience goes through several stages before becoming a customer, one of which is the lead. 

There are techniques for turning someone who has just had contact with your brand into a lead. We have selected five methods for you and your lead generation company to generate more leads and be more successful in the sales process.

Rich material

Rich material is any extensive material with content that is of interest to your target audience. For example, if you own e-commerce for makeup and beauty products, your rich material can be an E-Book with makeup tips for various skin types.

Likewise, if you have a psychology practice, your target audience consists of people who care about the well-being of your mind. That is, you can record a video lesson with tips on how to take care of mental health.

The rich material is usually done in the format of E-Book (digital book), Webinar (a kind of video lesson) infographic (content-rich in an attractive illustration), among other models.

It serves your target audience to give you some contact information. It can be an email for your lead generation company to do email marketing campaigns. You offer rich material for free to your potential customer. In return, he would need to email you.

Landing Pages

Also is known as a “capture page,” they are very effective in generating leads, as they have the potential to convert visitors into actual leads. You know those pages with forms, where you fill in “name,” “city,” “email,” “cell phone,” and other information of the kind, and in return, you get something from the company (like a free sample of a product, or e-book or something)?

This is a Landing Page. They are for you to make this exchange with your potential customer, in which he provides you with your information, and your company, in return, offers some rich material for him.


When it comes to lead generation, forms are beneficial. For example, the forms are present on the Landing Page so that your company can contact your possible customer.

Despite this, the form is not limited to the Landing Page. You can use it on your blog. Your company can post a form offering rich material in exchange for contact information in the middle of an article. That way, your target audience will have contact with them while reading.

Finally, your company can use them in those pop-up windows. They are ads that “bounce” on the screen when the prospective customer is inside a page. Forms are helpful on Facebook. You can create forms within the platform and disseminate them for “conversion”. That way, your company will be able to generate leads through a form.

Lives and Events

And finally, a great way to generate leads is by holding lives and events. They serve as a kind of filter, where you can see who your followers are engaged and which are not.

You can offer a life with full content aimed at a select audience of people. For your followers to be part of this group, they need to provide contact information.

For example, suppose you own a company that works with technology (for example, some innovative software). In that case, you can record a live-giving workshop on the main technological innovations of the year.

So, you configure this life to appear only to a small number of people. That way, for your customers to participate in this workshop, they will need to sign up. This involves providing the email or some other contact.

Did you like the article? I hope it can help you and your business generate leads, optimize your marketing strategies, and grow your company.

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