The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Analytics for B2B

Written by Bhavik Soni | March 19, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin Analytics for B2B

It will be really hard to find business professionals who are not aware of the usefulness of LinkedIn as a social media platform to enhance the growth of their businesses. But there are several who know about LinkedIn pretty well but are still not very much interested in using it as their marketing tool.

It is completely a personal or organizational choice whether or not to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool. We are here to discuss how beneficial LinkedIn can be when the analytics can be properly interpreted and cared for.

Benefits of using LinkedIn as a marketing tool

LinkedIn as a marketing tool

Just like any other social media network, LinkedIn also has various ways to help the user derive the necessary benefits. However, some beneficial aspects are unique and cannot be achieved through other social networks.

  • Connecting with the prospects of the business is one of the most notable benefits you can have from LinkedIn. The strong data analysis will enable you to know every detail you will need to know about your followers.
  • Finding out the best talents for your business is extremely easy and convenient with LinkedIn. Businesses that choose LinkedIn for finding employees are extremely beneficial as top professionals use this platform for finding new career options.
  • Your strong presence on LinkedIn will surely boost the credibility of your business and solidify your brand. Knowing the analytics will help you to plan for future branding policies with ease.
  • The competitive analysis provided by LinkedIn will enable you to know how your audience reacts with your competitors. This analysis will help you to plan your future business with perfection.

Knowing the unique benefits of using LinkedIn will surely make you interested in using this social networking platform for the development of your business. However, it is also important to know about some factors that decide who can be the best beneficiaries of using LinkedIn.

Who should use LinkedIn and how it can be helpful?

Being a social media platform for business professionals, LinkedIn is considered to be one of the most productive marketing tools for businesses. Though LinkedIn is built specifically to serve business professionals, it is not restricted to B2B companies. The benefits cover wide ranges and are thus beneficial for B2C companies as well.

However, we are here to discuss the benefits of LinkedIn for B2B companies and we will just let you know about some of the statistics showing the exact benefits:

  • Members of LinkedIn are more inclined to get engaged in direct conversation.
  • The highest consumer buying power index makes LinkedIn stand out from the crowd.
  • The information available on LinkedIn is trusted by consumers and data shows that the trust factor is just double when compared to other social network platforms.
  • Trusting the brand is highly valued among LinkedIn members.

How LinkedIn analytics can be helpful for B2B companies?

LinkedIn analytics

When a business organization can get authentic data about the target audience and is also able to analyse the data properly, it becomes easy for the organization to plan the future course of action.

Direct conversation with the audience helps in enhancing the trustability of the brand which finally leads to success in developing a strong relationship of business. When you have a strong social networking platform for business that can help you to establish your brand, it will be wise to use the services and derive the best results.

How to use LinkedIn analytics for the development of a business?

Using LinkedIn analytics is nothing difficult. You can simply log in and open a page for your business. You will be able to check all the analytics you require. But before that, you need to have a clear idea of the various purposes of different analytics. 

The analytics dashboard will provide you with different data you may require and you just need to understand the basic purposes of those data.

The visitors’ data provides you with information about people who visited your page. This data can tell you how many individuals visited your page and you can even get the information if an individual visited multiple times. 

This will help you understand the popularity or acceptance status of your business among the target audience. LinkedIn members are found to trust the information found here and this clearly implies that the number of visitors on your page will be converted to real customers. 

The updated data provide you with several important metrics like the total number of responses received against your post, comments received on your post, number of shares on your post, number of follow-ups in a sponsored post, and most importantly, how many times the visitors clicked on your post. 

These data can help you understand the current status of your business in the minds of quite a large number of target audiences. You can use the information to make future marketing strategies for your business.

What are the LinkedIn metrics we need to track to get maximum benefits?

As already mentioned, there are several metrics provided by LinkedIn analytics and you have to know which ones can be most beneficial to plan your future strategies. Unless you know about the best ones explaining the status of your business, you will simply be wasting time in analyzing the data. 

Here is the precise guide for knowing which analytics can explain your business status in the best possible ways:

Measuring the number of visitors:

Measuring the number of visitors

The visitor metrics tell you everything about your visitors. It is basically the traffic metrics and we all know that increased traffic does not always mean an increase in business. However, the visitor metrics provided by LinkedIn tells you the finest details about your visitors and helps you understand what portion of the total traffic will walk on the way to a fruitful business. 

The number of unique visitors will tell you how many individuals visited your page and the page view data will tell you how many times your page was visited by specific visitors. This will clearly help you understand which of your individual visitors are really interested in your business.

Measuring the number of followers:

Followers are the visitors who are interested in keeping in touch with your business. Detailed data on the number of followers and having knowledge of their demographics like knowing their identity and occupation will surely help you in future planning.

LinkedIn Analytics For Success!

We have discussed only the prime aspects of LinkedIn analytics that can help you in handling your future business plans with success. There are several other aspects available that can be of great help. 

You just need to spend some time on the available analytics and understand what they intend to say about your business. Where B2B companies are concerned, it is of utmost importance to understand the necessity of customers. It is LinkedIn analytics that is sure to help you in this matter. 

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