The process of designing a home can be challenging and at the same time exciting. As you try to create a balance between the choice of colour, the accessories and the furniture. Are You planning to update or change your home decor but with limited time and resources? Here are some home decor ideas from Logan Puller Maryborough you can give a try. Though a simple design can give that stunning look to your home.

Utilize Your Wall Space

Sometimes just a little adjustment is what you need to get that desired look. Adding some simple accessories like a textile design to that wall space can make a difference. You can also add some artwork to the wall with moderate frames or even wallpaper.

Beautify The Floor

Am not saying you should get paint and start painting. If you can go for an abstract-painted floor, that can also work. But the addition of a rug to the floor can give a good contrast to that room you are working on. Just imagine a bright blue rug with a piece of white pallet furniture and wall. 

Play With Patterns

Visual interest can be added to a room when you work with various patterns using a range of sizes with different styles. colourful patterns add a lot of personalities.

Make Your Hallway Colourful

You can introduce colours for example purple colour in your hallway. This colour can represent a backdrop for presenting art collections.

Showcase Highly Curated Collectables on Your Table

Curated collectables are most of the time showcased on a shelf but they can also be showcased on a table. Just make sure it is highly curated so that a sense of balance can be ensured in your display.

Group In Odd Numbers

When styling accessories it is better to group them in odd numbers because it is easy to arrange. It feels clumsy when you try being symmetrical with accessories. The same principle should be added to furniture as well.

Multiple Light Sources

“Is not just about lighting up the room but creating that welcoming and warm environment,” Logan Puller Maryborough says. For this to be achieved you need to layer your light. The lighting effects come into play when the sunset and no natural light in the room.

Add A New Paint

One of the quickest home decor ideas is to add a new coat of paint to a room. The shade of colour to be added to the existing one should either be lighter or darker.  And is something you can easily do yourself.

Change Your Throw Pillows

Changing the texture, colour and shape of your throw pillows can make a huge difference. Using throw pillows is one of the ways to lighten up your room, giving it that brilliant look.

In Conclusion

If you feel the need to make those changes and style up your home, why not give these tips a try? We hope that the home decor ideas listed above will inspire you to start designing your home.