Could you like my video? Did you see it? The infamous, ‘share it with all your friends and family, like and subscribe’. Making multiple accounts to like your own posts…

Almost every famous and multiple bands making business owner or individual has been through this embarrassing stage of fake account views, comments spammed by scamming channels, getting about 4 views despite working hard day and night. Even though this is the time most of the successful people stand in a make or break situation, the ones that push through make an impact and thus, take a leap in their journey of professional life.

It’s always difficult trying to find the right thing to show your audience, adapting to a particular style and all that video marketing comes with and thus, we have Madhu Mantena, a top-rated producer and Bollywood & Entertainment Insider, here to share his take and advice on Video Marketing.

Timing: Making Most, the Perfect Moment, Staying Active…

You want to post the right thing at the right time. Mark festive seasons, political events, and days of significance way ahead of their time and plan well for them says Madhu Mantena.  Make the best out of them. Christmas Time? Gifting options! Thanksgiving: Custom Gift Line! Keep coming up with ideas for moments that could give you and your business a boost up. Not just that, post regularly and often to keep viewers engaged.

1. Content Ideas: Creativity & Individuality

Once again, it’s a good idea to have themed series at particular times or maybe collaborate with a channel with a wider target audience. Not just that, try to incorporate your personality into your videos. For example, extroverts attract people because of their bubbly voice and loud actions, and funny personality. Introverts, too, connect with a lot of people with their nervous laughter and awkward dad jokes. However, never overdo it.  Nobody needs you screeching through a megaphone or being practically invisible in your own video

2. Form A Bond With Viewers: The ‘Family’

What attracts most viewers into checking you out and, sticking around is the engagement felt when you refer to them directly says Madhu Mantena. Well, you may not know them personally but make it feel just like it. Talk to the camera as a person. Crack some jokes, even make an inside one with your viewers. Tell them a bit about yourself, likes & dislikes, that embarrassing thing you did as a third grader. Basically, anything. A smart trick content creator’s use is referring to viewers as ‘family’.  Psychology trick, you see.

3. Please your Audience: Shoutouts, Feedback, and Interaction

Now, you have viewers who are interested in what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and why you’re doing it. It feels natural to you about talking to them about personal experience and they often show their love, concern, and support. Now, that your bond with your audience is established, ask them about their opinions and feedback. Try to even review what they say. Give shoutouts and feature comments and reviews that stood out. Make sure you’re not being rude to any viewer while answering them personally. And that’s because they would only check out other channels to keep them entertained. However, you could lose a precious viewer.

4. Stay On Grind: Worth the Struggle

Finally, trust in yourself and remember your hard work will pay off for sure. It will get on your nerves when your comment section has irrelevant links or personally targeting rude comments but trust us, the spark of joy that one comment and review would overwhelm you will surpass every negative feeling. Take care of yourself and maintain your health well.

With all these tips from the expert himself, we truly hope you achieve your goals and your struggle pays off. Madhu Mantena wishes you all the very best ahead!