How can you manage your Restaurant Staff?

Written by Casa Albergo Positanonews | December 19, 2019

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A restaurant is among the busiest, most hectic workplace, yet it requires high customer service, timely delivery of quality food with customer-friendly staff. To achieve this, you need happy staff, the right work ethic, and great management. You might be the best cook in town, if your staff aren’t friendly, your customers are most likely not coming back. To avoid this, here are tips shared by Casa Albergo Positanonews to help manage your staff efficiently.   

How to manage your Restaurant Staff?

The roles and responsibilities of restaurant managers are huge and come with a lot of challenges. Not only do they have to ensure staff stays happy and motivated, but they also control the cost and finance, ensure maximum customer satisfaction and the smooth of the restaurant. This requires he has the experience, skills, physical and emotional stability to take up the role. Here are ways in which a manager can promote team spirit among the employees.

Treat your staff with respect

Respecting your staff is a good way to show you care about them, you appreciate their work and they play a tangible contribution to the success of the company. From the cleaner to the owner, show them the same degree of respect. Ask for their opinions, plan their rotational shifts with their consent to know the best time convenient for them. Moreover, a simple” thank you” or “sorry” goes a long way to show you respect them.  These are little things that matter and yet, most times ignored.

Be your staff number one model

You are your staff number one role model and they will likely follow your footsteps. As a manager, you come late with work, wear a gloomy look, scream at the staff’s slightest mistakes and aren’t approachable to customers. Guess what? You are simply building your kind- your staff. On the other hand, a hardworking manager, with a cheerful and positive attitude who is always available either at the busiest or free time, is more likely to earn respect and a positive attitude from its staff.

Know your staff personally

You are very busy and no get times for chitty-chatty especially where there are a lot of important things on the to-do list. That’s understandable. However getting to know your staff personally will help develop bonds, trust, transparency, and motivation. Moreover, to know their strengths and weaknesses and where they can fit into the organization, you need to go beyond the first name and roles. Get to know their interest, family, hobbies, they will feel more connected and get to know you aren’t just seeing them as mere cleaner or cook.

Reward your employees

Reward promote the positive spirit, boost morale and ensure your employee is motivated to put in their best. Encourage healthy competition among your staff probably on the most punctual or staff with the most positive reviews. This will encourage the individual to do more. Moreover, if there is collaboration among staff and good team spirit, reward them, this is the basis of a successful restaurant. It doesn’t always have to be a monetary reward, a nice meal or a day trip to some awesome places will do.

Customers are not always right

A raging customer does not necessarily mean your staff isn’t polite or courteous, it might just simply be a rude, controlling person who finds its way to your restaurant. If it’s not a problem with customer service, then, the blame shouldn’t be pinned on your staff. Handle the situation with diligence and uprightness and let your staff know you got their back. Show some loyalty and they will do the same.

Be the manager everyone wants to work with

An overbearing, overdominant, controlling manager is a total turn off for many employees. A manager that tends to impose his will, interest and all on staff without seeking to work toward common goals will breed resentments and an unhealthy environment. Be courteous, open to opinions and be friendly with them. Celebrate small wins and help them when things are not working as they should. Share some of your personal life with them and let them know you care.

“A happy staff makes a productive staff, this holds especially in a business with high pressure and long, odd hours to go with it. Camaraderie, Communication, and Collaboration are the basis of a successful restaurant,” says Casa Albergo Positanonews

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