It is always a good idea to choose Marble God Idols Manufacturer when it comes to bringing your God statue home.  A reliable manufacturer always uses the finest quality of marble that enhances the look and feel of your home, office, or temple.

There are so many Marble god statue makers in Jaipur and they have a great team of skilled and proficient craftsmen who focus only on doing exceptional work. These manufacturers have their own production houses with modern tools, the latest machinery, various amazing equipment for designing, engraving, stone polishing, cutting, and chipping. These latest production facilities and infrastructure help produce excellent idols carved with superior quality marble.

Carving is a significant process and craftsmen have to devote themselves and shift their all focus in creating elite creative marble idols. Monitoring each and every manufacturing step is mandatory to make sure that idols meet the expectations and quality standards.

Marble God Statue Manufacturing Process

Here in this guide, we provide complete information on the Manufacturing Process described by the marble god idols manufacturer. You can check out the details below that marble god statue makers in Jaipur usually follow:

Marble God Statue

  • Selection of Good Marble Stone:

Selection of the right raw material is quite important as it impacts your whole process. This is the first step in the manufacturing process. Most of the manufacturers choose Makrana marble blocks to manufacture the idols. There are so many reliable suppliers of raw material and it is easy to get varieties of marble blocks. Some manufacturers also use imported white marble that is used in many handicrafts items.

  • Preparation of POP Model:

Once the raw material selection is done, the next step includes making the POP model as per the customer’s specification or picture. This model is sculpted to represent a human’s neck, head, shoulders, and chest. This stage is to take approval from the client via model. Whether it is about Sai baba marble statues or White marble Ganesh statues, these stages remain the same for every manufacturing process.

  • Curving the Idols:

Customers provide specifications for the idols and the designing team curves these statues as per these specifications. Clients give this specification for Sai Baba marble statues via model, so curving is the next process to the POP model step. Some tools like hammer and others are used for curving idols in the starting phase and then it is finished using some advanced machinery like cutting and drilling machinery.

  • Polishing and Painting Work:

Once idols are curved, they need to become shiny and smooth. It should look smooth, even, and polished, so these are given for polishing work. Once polishing is done, painting work starts to beautify white marble Ganesh statues a bit more. Painting is done as per the client’s specification. Reliable and popular manufacturers use natural and durable colors to retain the shine and beauty of idols for long.

  • Inspection Process:

Quality testing is mandatory and every product has to pass through the process. Some production houses have separate facilities that make sure the strength, quality, and finish of the designed products. They store ready products in a warehousing facility.

Marble temples Makers

  • Packing:

After polishing is done and the marble god statue is made, packaging of these delicate idols seems a complicated task. Manufacturers always make sure that statues reach the given destination in a safe condition, so they use foam or wooden boxes to pack these idols.

  • Transportation Process:

Once the product is crafted and passed all the steps, it is packed and ready for transportation. Best courier services are used for shipping these products.

Final Words

This is all about the whole statue manufacturing process. Whether it is about Radha Krishna idols, Maa Durga Statue, or any marble god statue, you should always go with reliable manufactures to get durable and high-quality products. It is easy to find them, you just need to research them online and connect with them to discuss your requirements to get perfectly engraved Radha Krishna idols and Ganesha statue.