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Written by Marym Palmer | April 17, 2021

Max Fashion Promo Code

Max Fashion, Saudi Arabia has brought you its wide range of clothing for all occasions and needs. Right from infants to adults, everybody gets their choice of clothing and style, at Max Fashion. Not just clothing! Of late, Mac Fashion provides a collection of footwear, beauty products, home needs like furnishings, decorative items, bathroom, and kitchen essentials, and others.

The Landmark Group of Dubai Launched MAX in the UAE, in 2004, to cater to international fashion clothing, with its own private labeling. The Landmark Group has its own retail brands and holds franchise rights for various other brands. The Group has since diversified into various segments as well.

Max Fashion operates in about 20 countries in the Middle East, South East Asia, North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, having established more than 3000 stores. The online shop of Max Fashion caters to the customers’ comforts of shopping from the environments of their sweet homes, and during any time of the day at their leisure.

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Slim Fit Solid Mid-Rise Chinos

Are you looking for something smart but casual trouser? Chinos are the best bet for you. When chinos were introduced initially, they were iconic for their khaki colour. As time changes, so does fashion statements and therefore, chinos are now available in other colors as well. Chinos are made from hard-wearing cotton twill fabric. Their signature lies between denim and a suit trouser. Chinos come in different cuts and styles. The slim fit midrise chino sits between the belly button and the hips and is quite easy on the thighs while it straightens down narrowly, from the knees. Since they fall below the ankles, chinos are better folded or rolled up at the bottom.

Slim Fit Solid Formal Pants

Wearing trousers for office work? Look nowhere than slim-fit solid formal pants. If you are skinny, better choose the slim fit and even otherwise, slim fit pants look solidly the best on any type of body. Unlike skinny pants which taper down from the knees while sitting tight on the thighs, slim fit is easier on the thighs and narrows straighter down from the knees. Slim fits are also known as drainpipes but aptly applicable for jeans. The solid formals have loops on the waistband to tighten up the pant onto the waist with a suitable belt. Side pockets are carved out indistinctively that blends into the looks of the pant.

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Full Length Solid Formal Trousers

Minimal ankle exposure is the feature of a full-length pant. Otherwise, one thing to always remember is that different pant lengths should be suited to the different shoes we put on. Not only that, it also depends on the types of legs that each one of us has, like the wide legs, skinny, straight legs, etc. The full length should be reaching the sole or the heel, halfway through if they are neither flared nor narrow at the bottom opening. For a flat shoe, the full-length pant should be at least half an inch away from touching the ground. Well developed crease gives a perfect standing trouser on you that will turn heads for the perfectness in you!

Full-Length Trousers in Straight Fit

Straight fits are narrowly different from slim fits. Starting from being just about 1% larger at the waist, the straight fit becomes about 4% more at the hips to 6% more at the thighs, than the slim fit. And the leg opening for slim is about 25% lesser than the straight fit. The straight fit basically dwells upon the shape of the knee and the leg opening, while it is about the hip and the thigh for the slim fit. For your knowledge, there are slim straight-fit pants too! But, the major difference between a straight and a slim fit is on the leg opening. Basically, the straight fit is almost the same at both, the knee and the leg opening, and hence you call it a straight fit! A full-length straight-fit pant is very perfect for formal wear.

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Solid Skinny Fit Full Length Trouser

Skinny fit has the narrowest seat width and leg width than other types of paint. Therefore, the pant is quite tight on the butts, extending down through the thighs and up to the leg opening, including the knees. It is a well-known fact that nobody is perfect in size or shape. The only way one can find a perfect fit is by knowing what fit is best for which part of the leg. A fat thighed person can also wear a skinny fit but ensure that a full-length pant helps in many ways.

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