Medical Billing:

The Internet has changed advertising and marketing in a way that we all have seen. Heck, I’m talking to you right now about it! Particularly for medical billing companies, it can be hard or even impossible to stand out and attract potential clients despite competitive white noise on search engines. With the right knowledge, your business can increase its leads and eventually increase your clientele.

The key elements to lead generation for medical bill issuers are setting measurable goals, analyzing competitor metrics, and creating a framework that will help you achieve those goals. Inbound marketing principles and practices will help you to attract more leads and achieve these strategic goals. Exciting stuff, right? Let’s get started:

Know your audience

Inbound marketing has one of its cornerstones. To attract your preferred audience rather than the public, you need to get higher quality leads and make them happy customers and loyal advocates for your products/business. Before you can do that, however, you need to identify your audience. Your customer base, as a medical billing company is likely to be doctors and office managers who are looking for billing solutions for their practice or group.

You can identify your audience by establishing personas. These people must address the needs, preferences, and targeting requirements for your ideal customer. Businesses, such as medical billers, can be helped by people who provide solutions to real audience problems.

It may be a good idea to split up your content to make it accessible to your audience, depending on your approach to characters and your website. You may be able to provide custom billing packages and transcription services, or you might have a particular EHR software.

Trust is built when potential customers first see your website. They will see engaging, well-written content that addresses their problems.

Optimize for mobile devices with attractive content

SEO will be required to optimize the content to ensure that your website ranks high in search engine results. These keywords can be used. While they are competitive in medical billing services and healthcare, it is worth doing some research and digging deeper. To find out what your customers are searching for, put yourself in their shoes. What words do they think of? These insights can be combined with your analytics to optimize and increase traffic to your site via search engines and organically.

Automate your workflows

Now that you have optimized your content for search engine ranking, and know your audience well, what next? You’ve likely established contacts with people who clicked on your CTAs or other content and filled out a form to sign up. That’s great!

Your medical billing business will progress and your customers and contacts will be in a different “lifecycle stage” than the one you need to serve. The first step is to become a subscriber. Weekly emails will guide you through the sales funnel, from deals to becoming a lead. Rinse and Repeat. It is easy once you have this all figured out.

The automated workflows are a way to get your subscribers ready to sell or to become leads. These emails or campaigns target your potential customers at each stage of their lifecycle to ensure they don’t see duplicate material.

It’s not a good idea to tell a contact who is interested in payer crediting tasks about buying an EHR. Let them look at their website and tell them what interests you. Once you have established a rapport, you can share with them the other benefits of your company’s EHR as well as any claims filing or accounts receivable services you offer.

Make the most of blogs and social networks

This is the fun part. Once you have created a business image and content, you can share it on all your social media accounts and, most importantly, on your blog. Every online business should have a blog that displays that they are current with the latest news and information specific to their industry.

Blogs make you more credible and keep your subscribers returning to your page to view your content. You can use newsjacking to entice readers to click on your website, whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, or both.

You can use Twitter to keep your medical billing company up to date on the latest Medicare rules and legislative changes. This will appeal to your doctor.


Social media is a powerful tool that opens new avenues for business. Let’s face it, word-of-mouth is still very powerful and is being made easier by all social media platforms. You can engage with digital content online all the time, so make sure you capture those people who are interested in your services.

You can make your medical billing business more profitable by organizing your characters and optimizing SEO. Inbound is versatile and can be used for any purpose you require.