Taking Medical billing Services to the next level by automating your practice with seamless technology to integrate all billing functions together can be a smart decision. Your practice may encounter all types of patients who can vary in numbers from one day to the next. Therefore it is important to have an electronic health record (EHR) software that is flexible enough to streamline all your office workload and save your time to focus on what’s really important, that is to take care and manage the needs of your patients.

Nowadays, medical billing is emerging into the new era of integration through different intelligent medical software platforms which can combine both sophisticated clinical and administrative functions together in order to deliver exceptional patient care and build long-term relationships with them.  With intelligent medical billing and practice management software, you can streamline and facilitate all your important documentation, communication process, and eliminate time-consuming inefficiencies which cause delays to become a reason for claim denials. Through such seamless intelligent software platforms, you can easily take your medical billing to the next level. Your top-of-the-line medical billing software can assimilate EHR, practice management, patient portal, ePrescriptions, and other medical billing reporting tools into all-in-one fully automated intelligent software. You can even make it into a cloud-based solution and access it from anywhere remotely with the latest technological devices.

Simple and User-friendly Navigation Means Comprehensive Workflow

It does not matter if your patients need routine physical exams, inquire for any chronic conditions, want long-term care for any congenital disease or even for want to get a checkup for a disorder; you can easily document and record every patient visit with full details like date, time, the reason of the visit, medical history, etc. in a matter of minutes. With powerful medical billing software, an integrated EHR software platform would give you user-friendly navigation menus and dashboards to record each and every detail regarding the patient visit without any mistakes.

The medical billing software would also allow you to take notes and attach it with the patient visit information, just in case if there is something to mention regarding the visitation. This would also allow a more comprehensive workflow with patient visits and patient appointment schedules.

Comprehensive Dashboards with Predefined Tools and Analytics

Patient appointment schedules and billings are the two most important and critical tasks for the success of any medical practice. With practice management software, you can have comprehensive dashboards to give you an overview of all your important tasks and information regarding patient appointments and schedules. Not only that, but it would also give you all the necessary software tools so that you can easily manage all your front and back-office billing tasks such as referrals, claim tracking, compliance & monitoring functions, and more.

This would enhance your administrative tasks as you would be able to eliminate paper clutter in your office and have more productive output. You would also be able to deliver all your financial progress, practice performance, and other important information through customizable charts and data for meaningful use. With the built-in reporting tools, you would be able to monitor and analyze all your practice performance with quality standards from a business point of view. With the advanced medical billing software platform, you would achieve interoperability and allow patients to complete various visit forms through the patient engagement portal.

Improved Patient Interaction and Engagement

Patient engagement software portal would give you the opportunity to connect and engage with your patients and expand upon your reach beyond the boundaries of your office. Patient engagement software would also give your patients the accessibility to view their medical records, reports, Rx, lab tests, appointment requests and scheduling, confidential messages, bill payments, and much more. Patient engagement software is also integrated with EHR software tool, which allows them to access and view their medical records from anywhere anytime with internet connectivity and a laptop.

GreenSense Billing offers to advance Medical Billing Software for healthcare providers to maximize their practice’s productivity and provide diligent care for their patients. With their seamless medical billing software and integrated EHR tool; GreenSense Billing provides comprehensive medical billing solutions so that you can take care of all your medical billing hassles from a single platform.