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Written by Amanda Mills | March 17, 2023

all about mia dae kim

Mia Dae Kim has been a beacon of creativity in the industry, being trained at Smith College before settling down in Manhattan as a graphic designer for Springer-Verlag New York Inc. After marrying her husband Daniel Dae Kim, an actor made famous by his role on Lost, this Korean beauty relocated to the United States where her illustrious career continues to shine!

Mia and Daniel were married on June 12, 1993, and together they have had two children, Zander and Jackson. Jackson attended the NYU Stern School of Business and is now a model, while Zander graduated from Brown University. Daniel is well-known for putting his family first; in fact, he moved Mia and their two sons to Hawaii so he could film Hawaii Five-O. Mia and Daniel have been married for over three decades.

Beginnings and Upbringing

In 1965, Mia Dae Kim entered this world in Connecticut, US. Her father, Dr. Chong Heon Rhee, was a lung specialist at Bridgeport Hospital, and her mother is Youngsil Rhee. Mia went to a high school in her Connecticut hometown and then went on to finish her education at Smith. She is Korean American and a devout Christian.


Mia has certainly come a long way – beginning her professional journey as a graphic designer for Springer-Verlag New York Inc. in New York City, and now working as the general manager at none other than the celebrated Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. Alongside her impressive career path, Mia is also an amazing family caregiver and an incredibly ambitious individual.

Total Value

In 2020, Mia Dae Kim is expected to have a net worth of around $500,000 USD. Being the general manager at Salvatore Ferragamo is where she makes the most of her salary. Mia is an accomplished lady who formerly worked as a graphic designer.

Mia and Daniel Dae Kim’s Wedding

Mia and Daniel Dae Kim have been married for approximately 28 years. Having been together for almost three decades, the couple now raises two children as one. Mia has maintained her seclusion while being married to a Hollywood star. She seldom speaks publicly about her or her husband.

Mia Dae Kim Facts

Real NameMia Dae Kim
BirthplaceConnecticut, USA
Zodiac SignNot disclosed
ProfessionGeneral Manager
ParentsDr. Chong Heon Rhee and Youngsil Rhee
SiblingsNot Disclosed


Marriage and Domesticity

Zander and Jackson Kim are their beloved children, who have both earned degrees from renowned universities and continue to be involved in cyberculture. From the very beginning of their marriage 30 years ago, on June 12 1993 at First Presbyterian Church in Fairfield, Connecticut – they’ve been shining examples of successful, attentive parents.

Encompassing all aspects of their lives, they’ve attained a level of poise that is truly admirable.

“We’re just trying to be there and available for them,” Mia Dae Kim told People. I see it as the most important element overall.

The family is very close and they always make time to be together. They share my passion for hiking and camping.

Parents Daniel and Mia have instilled in their kids the importance of education by insisting that their kids pay close attention in class. They have also learned valuable lessons about work ethic and tenacity from them, which they have used in their chosen careers.

Mia and Daniel’s ability to effectively communicate with their children is admirable. They manage to balance their professional and family lives well. They’re an example to other working parents worldwide of how to balance professional success with a commitment to family life.

Relationship With Her Husband

How much Mia and Daniel care for and commit to one other is very admirable. They’ve known one other for about 30 years and have been married for the last 29. They’ve shown time and time again that they’re really in love and committed to one another.

Despite their high profile careers, the couple’s private life remains concealed from the public. They’ve maintained a strong and healthy relationship despite the pressures of fame. The years have only strengthened their devotion for one another.

Since whispers of a potential separation have been looming for some time, their legitimacy has yet to be definitively confirmed. Mia and Daniel determined from the start to keep their romance private, emphasizing productivity and familial matters over all else. They are the ideal version of love and dedication in every way possible.

They’ve weathered life’s storms together and emerged even closer. They are living proof that true love does exist, since their relationship has lasted for so long.

An Excited Family!

The two sons of Daniel Dae Kim, Zander and Jackson, are also successful professionals. Zander entered the world in the middle of summer, 1996. He attended Brown University and is currently an editorial assistant at Black Dog & Leventhal, a Perseus Books imprint specializing in nonfiction for readers of all ages. He also contributed to the baseball site Ex-Bullpen as both a co-founder and staff writer. In the first month of 2002, Jackson entered the world. The son of an NYU alumnus, he is a model for Wilhelmina Models and an undergraduate there.

Even after 29 years of marriage to Mia Haeyoung Rhee, Daniel still keeps his family life secret. In a recent interview with Vulture, he said that he joined Hawaii Five-0 as a star after leaving Lost so that his boys could continue their television viewing habits without interruption. He hoped that by raising his kids in Hawaii, where an Asian American family would have many options, they would not have to feel like outsiders. He made this choice because of his background in a steel town where he always felt like an outsider.


Mia Dae Kim, the graphic designer and wife of actor Daniel Dae Kim, has made a name for herself in her profession. Despite her husband’s fame, Mia has managed to keep her personal life private and enjoy a happy existence with family and friends. She is an inspiration to many ladies who are searching for that perfect equilibrium.

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