Material quality, comfort, and beauty are crucial when arranging equipment and furniture in commercial places such as offices, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and warehouses. Unlike home, commercial furnishing needs to be highly sustainable and durable for promoting businesses. Using ordinary furniture in an office building may repel clients and customers due to the unprofessional vibes. That is why property owners prefer high-end material such as mica paper sheets to adorn their workstations. If you own a business that involves indoor activities, here are some tips for choosing the right mica lamination you can follow.

Color and combination

The color of the wall paint, curtains, or cabinets will play a great role in the aesthetics of the room. Go through the patchwork of materials in your designer’s catalog to make a color selection. For example, white and light colors make a room look spacious while dark blue or red could create a cozy atmosphere. That means you have to pick the color of the mica lamination according to the size of the room even though you already have other ideas in your mind. Keep in mind that a dent or scratch on the dark surface is more visible than on the one with light color.

Trait of business

Entrepreneurs are not new to designing their workstations because they have marketing strategies that suit specific business. They have innovative ideas of interior designs related to the type of businesses they have. If you want to set up a place to go with the brand logo and type of service, choose the functional equipment and furniture to give an aesthetic touch to your place. Search for mica sheet provider and order the design and color of the product to represent a themed workstation. This strategy can also motivate your staff to perform better.


There is a high chance of causing eyestrain and headache if employees continue to work in the dim light. Some people opt for expensive bulbs to lighten up an area, but the sunlight from the window creates a harmonic scene. Such places easily impress employees and visitors by providing them with warmth and beauty. When you use, laminated mica sheets on furniture, the sheen of its surface can create a lively environment. When decorating an interior section of the building, you should figure out the source of natural light that penetrates the room. Identifying the natural light will help you find the spot to deploy your mica-coated furniture.

Heat and temperature

Building and decorative materials play an important role in determining the condition of a place or merchandise stored in a warehouse. For instance, pharmaceutical companies need to store their products in a cool lighting area so that they don’t spoil in an unfavorable temperature. In the same way, employees in a building need sufficient heat to keep them warm in winter. You should opt for mica sheets that give high-performance thermal and electrical insulation in various industries.

Laminated mica sheet is dear to many economic sectors for making heating elements for electrical and thermo-mechanical equipment. Refinery and processing plants also rely on mica insulators for high-frequency furnaces.