If it’s time to move your house, you might want to choose a moving company. Indeed, it’s much easier to hire a professional removalist instead of doing it yourself. By trying to do it by yourself, you might spend more time, have items broken, or damage your property, At the end of the day, you will realize that it cost you more money and furthermore more stress and hassle.

When moving you have many things to think about, and if you are not used to relocating often, asking advice from professionals can be essential.

You will find below our ultimate list of mistakes that our customers must avoid when moving:

1) Take some time off for your removal 

The most common mistake made by our clients is having not enough time while moving house. Indeed, very often people are overwhelmed by the huge amount of work during moving. Think that you have to pack your full house, relocate and transport your items, clean your house and maybe even fix some broken things on your house.

At the other end (delivery place) you will surely have to unpack all your boxes. The amount of work is huge, so you definitely need time to organize this. We advise our customer the following planning:

Packing: Starting two to three weeks before

Removal: one to two days

Cleaning: one to two days

Unpacking: Two to three days

So a minimum of 4 days off is strongly recommended for your move, and packing is done little by little over two or three weeks.

Time management is the key to a good packing

2) Get some help  

As said below, moving house is a huge task. It will take you a lot of hours of hard work. The best way to make it easy is to ask for help from your friend or relatives. Indeed, having manpower will definitely make the job easier. If you decided not to use a local removalist, you can rent a truck and your friends can help you lifting and loading the truck. You can always make it up another time when they are moving out!

Having help for packing can be very helpful too, especially feminine hands. Having someone for a few hours packing your kitchen for example (breakable items) or your garage can be very helpful. Same for cleaning: if two or three of your friends can give you a hand with the cleaning of your house it will surely help you big time.

If you have anything to fix, you will always find a good friend with the right tools and the right skills.

3) Hire a good moving company

Moving furniture is definitely the biggest part of your removal. You need some knowledge and tools to manage to do this on time, without any issues. You don’t want any of your furniture damaged or worse, some part of your property. Having the wall or floor damaged could cost you your bond.

On top of that, you want to move within your deadlines and make sure everything is empty for cleaning.

The best solution to avoid all this is to hire a good moving company.  You have to choose a reliable and trustworthy business that can deliver all this above.

We generally advise selecting your moving company by checking the online reviews. Referral or word of mouth is the best too as your friend or relatives will have seen the company at work and would have to check their prices too.

Hiring a good moving company will save you time, money, and hassle. Furthermore, you will have more time to focus on other essential tasks from your relocation.

4) Don’t be cheap, hire a quality professional expert 

No matter if you hire cleaners or removalists, it is important to select good quality providers. If you try to save a few dollars for your move and hire the wrong business, it will cost you way more money, as you might have your bond taken.

Quality has always a price.

In the case of a moving company, if they don’t show up, you might have some issues with your real estate as new people are moving in. You might even have to pay for their hotel.  If any damages were done by the removalist at the property, you can be sure that a part of your bond will be taken.

We advise you to select your moving company in the middle range price of the market or even higher, and you will have to check previous customers’ feedbacks. Make sure that their rates include insurance and that you are covered for damages done to the property and to your items too.

Having some time to prepare and during your removal, asking for some help from friends, hiring good and reliable movers will be the key to a successful relocation.