Concrete is a basic element when constructing any kind of thing throughout the world. This the most common and the most significant element in the construction field. With that, the concrete business is one of the most successful businesses in the world whether it is of concrete contractors or distributors. There is a vast amount of concrete or cement companies. While talking about the construction industry, the biggest city in the world in terms of construction in New York City and if you take a look around the construction companies in NYC is in large numbers throughout five boroughs of New York City.

Concrete is the vital part of construction whether it is to make buildings, streets, parking lots, or whether it is to construct the bridge, concrete will play an important role in all those constructions. But most of the time the contractors make mistakes while mixing the concrete. Concrete is a complex matter and it does not mix in the right amount then it will not settle. There are two ways to mix the concrete. First is to mix the concrete by hand and the second is to mix the concrete in a mixer. We will take a look at both of the ways.

How to Mix Concrete by Hand or in a Mixer

First of all, we will discuss how to mix concrete by hand if you don’t have the mixture

Mixing concrete By Hand

To mix the concrete by hand first of all you need to examine how much concrete you need. Then always take a small amount of concrete so that you can mix it better use that amount and then mix more concrete. After analyzing the amount take the necessary precaution like placing a plastic sheet on the ground so that the concrete does not destroy the ground or the ground material doesn’t get mixed with the concrete. After that take the right ratio of materials. Like the standard ratio of the materials is 1 ratio of cement and 2 ratios of sand plus 4 ratios of stone or aggregate but this can differ according to the strength you want of concrete. After that place the stone and the sand first and after that on top of that place cement on a plastic sheet. Then add water and start mixing and mix until the needed viscosity is achieved.

Mixing concrete By in Mixer

Mixing the concrete in the mixer is easy as well as the mixer of the concrete gives more good results as compared to mixing the concrete by hand. To mix the concrete in the mixer first add the dry elements like stone cement and sand. But in the mixer as well the ratio of the concrete elements should be decided first. Let the dry mix spin for about a minute and then add water. The water quantity depends on the needed viscosity of the concrete. Mix the concrete for about 3 to 5 minutes and when the needed viscosity or concrete thickness is achieved stop the mixer. Here is the way of mixing the concrete by hand as well as in the mixer.