Women and shoes have an inseparable bond. It would be impossible to find a girl who doesn’t have at least a couple of pairs of different shoes in her closet. Shoes have grown beyond a necessity and are more of a lifestyle choice for modern women. Women who are more successful in their professional life, who crush their goals every single day, love to experiment with their wardrobe, and they definitely love to collect different kinds of shoes that catch their eye. 

If there were a survey of the top shoes found in women’s clothes, it would be high heels. High heels are one of the staple shoes that live rent-free in many women’s closets. And why wouldn’t they be? Heels are one of the sexiest and most elegant footwear that instantly add more charisma and sass to any outfit. That is why many brands offer gorgeous heels for girls in different beautiful designs and patterns. Whether you regularly use heels or buy them for the first time, excitement always exists. If you don’t have heels in your collection, maybe this is the sign from the universe that you’ve been looking for. Here are six strong reasons why you must have heels in your shoedrobe. 

Add Elegance to Your Outfit. 

Can you imagine going to a party wearing flats? No, right? Nobody should. There are only a few shoes that shout “ready to party!” and one of those is high heels. High heels are the perfect party footwear any girl would need. Wear your sexiest party dress or a pair of skinny jeans; heels can instantly amp up your style and add more elegance to your outfit. Even if you are attending a formal event like an office party or charity event, heels would be the perfect footwear for your gown. Therefore you must have a pair or two of elegant high heels in your wardrobe.

Variety in Heel Height and Type


Have you watched videos where fashion models slip and fall in high heels? Though most women who wear high heels walk comfortably and confidently in them, that is not the case with everyone. If you are lucky, you must have seen some women wearing high heels and walking like a deer calf learning how to walk. You don’t need to go through that nightmare.

One of the best things about heels is that they come in various heel heights and types. You’d be surprised to know that you can see more than 30 types of heels based on the heel height and type. Some of the popular ones are –

  • High heels 
  • Flare heels 
  • Cone heels
  • French heels 
  • Kitten heels 
  • Platform heels 
  • Block heels 
  • Spool heels, etc. 

You can choose the heel height and type based on your preferences. It’s also important to understand that if you are trying heels for the first time, it’s best to start with lower heels heights and gradually add more high heels to your collection. That way, you will gradually build your confidence and can walk more confidently while wearing heels.

Plenty of Options in Designs, Colors, Patterns

When choosing heels for girls, the design options are an essential factor. Women love having more options, so why should heels be an exception? Another great thing about heels is that you get a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns. Thankfully, popular heels brands do not disappoint when offering different designs. Popular footwear brands offer some unique designs with intricate work like never seen before. You can see plenty of options; all are unique in their beauty. You will be mesmerized by the artisans’ detailed craftwork that surely catches your eye. The intricate embroidery thread, mirror, and beads work exhibit attention to detail to a great extent. Many reputed brands also collaborate with famous designers to bring exclusive designer heels that you will never get anywhere. They include various design elements like flowers, leaves, birds, animals, and many other things that set your heels a class apart. So if you are looking for more design options in your heels, you will have plenty of them. 

Be More Confident

Throughout the history of footwear, heels have always been associated with confidence and charisma. Whether a fashion week ramp or a Hollywood movie, heels have always been looked up to as accessories of confidence and power. Women who wear heels are considered bolder and more confident, and why wouldn’t they be? Wearing heels is a power statement. When you wear heels, you are ready to take on the world with confidence. So next time you feel a little underconfident, slap those heels on your heels and walk like a queen.

Add More Height

Who wouldn’t love to add more inches to their height? We all do, and there’s no shame in it. Heels help you add more inches to your height. They help you feel more confident and bold. Often a particular dress demands a few more inches of height, so why not wear heels? You can be a little taller and complement the heck out of that party dress. So let the haters hate; you go on with your style and be more confident no matter what they say.

Though heels help you add more crucial inches to your height, it doesn’t mean tall women shouldn’t wear them. Heels symbolize confidence, so even if you are tall, you can wear high heels and drop some jaws at the party.

Men Drool Over Women In Heels.

Not that women should wear heels to impress men, but heels indeed have a magnetic effect on men. High heels are a big turn-on for men. Heels make women more attractive and send a message that you have expensive lifestyle choices and love to be treated with royalty. Many men are attracted to intimidating women, and nothing else says intimidating than high heels. So expect some guys hovering around you at the party if you wear high heels and drop jaws with every step.

Heels are surely must-have footwear for women. They instantly add more sass and elegance to your outfits, make you taller, and surely set you apart from the crowd. These were enough reasons to convince you why you should add heels to your shoedrobe.