A closet makeover in any shape or form can leave you feeling great, and it can leave you feeling positive and upbeat. Regularly making over how you look and what you wear will give you the chance and the opportunity to try out new looks. When you are wearing a lot of the same, or even when you are stuck in a rut, you can feel a little low, and as a result, your self-confidence can take a knock. A closet makeover gives you the chance to focus on what you love and also what you no longer like

Focus on Having a Purge Session

To get a closet makeover right, you have to have a good clearing-out session (or purge). You may be holding onto clothing and accessories that you love but perhaps no longer wear, or you may be keeping items that no longer fit you (or suit you). Keeping items and harboring items is not going to be of any benefit to you moving forwards. Reducing the number of items that you are keeping and even saving is crucial. When you clear out old items, you then have plenty of space for new ones.

Start Putting Together Capsules

A lot of the time, your closet never gets used as well as it should, and this may mean that some of your clothes never get worn or rotated (to get fair use). To stop this from happening, you need to focus on putting together capsules. Grouping your items, clothes, and accessories together and keeping them together will ensure you don’t have to do any rushed (or last-minute) searching for things you love and want to wear. Taking photos of capsules and listing items that make up an outfit or look can be really helpful and beneficial to you, especially if you are working with limited closet space.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

When you are sorting out and organizing your closet and putting together capsules, you also need to focus on the accessories as much as the clothes themselves. For example, if you are putting together a formal capsule or a capsule for a night out, you must remember to include your evening clutch bags because a good clutch can make or break an outfit. Also, think about other accessories such as hats, jewelry, and even belts.

Go for Styles That Suit You

Not every style of clothing you own or want to own will suit you, and this is important to remember. To nail a closet makeover, you have to ensure that you only go for styles that suit you. If styles and outfits do not suit you, you will find that you will not wear them as much, and this may then mean that you end up falling into the same cycle or trap as before (where you had a closet full of clothes that you never wore).

Have a Color Consultation

Filling your closet with colors and tones that suit you is just as important as finding the right pieces and styles. Colors can brighten your complexion and perk you up. However, they can also drown your complexion too if you are not careful. Getting the right colors for you throughout the seasons is a crucial part of a closet makeover. So, what colors, shades, and tones suit you, and what colors bring out the best in your complexion? If you are not sure about what colors work well and even suit you, then reach out to color professional and book yourself a color consultation.

Get Organized

No matter how big or small your closet is, you want to ensure that you are as organized as possible. When you have your clothes, shoes, and accessories in order and within easy reach, your life becomes a little bit easier. Getting organized may sound boring, but it can actually be quite fun. Labeling up what you have, and even putting together outfits and just getting sorted can leave you feeling passionate about clothes again, and this can ultimately help you feel good about what you wear once again.

Create Go-to Looks

Even when you are running those everyday errands such as visiting the grocery store, you want to be sure that you look your best. Simple outfits can sometimes be complex to put together, and you may find that layering works best for you on some occasions when you are running errands. Take photos of a look put together or keep similar items grouped together. This way, you can just reach for an outfit even at short notice. Think about what activity you will be doing, then create a look specifically for this so that you will never experience any panic or stress in relation to putting together the best outfit.