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Written by Priti NYC | September 16, 2019

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Among numerous colors and finishes to choose from, choosing an organic and natural nail polish isn’t always easy for your skin tone. There are some points to determinant while making your selection. Much like eyeshadow and blush, not every nail polish shade will compliment your skin color and undertones. So here in this blog, Priti NYC – manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of nail polish in New York City let’s find out whether you have mild, cool, or vague undertones, ahead.

Fair/Light Skin Tones

If you have light skin, use a shade that’s light and fragile, like the sandy beige shade that looks so fresh and airy it’s almost transparent. Also, one can try cloud-white, dusty pink, beige, blue, flamingo-pink cream, creamy charcoal gray, strong midnight-blue, and peachy nude shade for a truly striking finish.

Medium/Olive Skin Tones

There are numerous nail paints that can suit a medium/olive skin. So it is best to stick with shades that complement. Shades such as bubble-gum pink, rosy mauve, moody and dark plum, red and orange, creamy pink, wine red, bright teal blue, slightly sparkly shade, etc can give a glamorous look on such skin tones.

Dark/Deep Skin Tones

For deep skin tones, you should choose vivid and floral shades of red and pink. These colors are classics, which signifies that they never go out of season or vogue. Also, one can try mauve pink and fiery red-orange which can act as showstoppers. Dark skin tones work well with a bold color choice due to cooler undertones. So it is better to choose colors that are bold such as orange, red, and pink for such skin tones.

According to the Priti NYC – manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of nail polish in New York, these were the organic and natural nail polish that will best suit your skin tone. For more information or any queries, one can leave a comment in the comment section below.

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