LinkedIn is still considered an untapped network of opportunities that continues to grow significantly in popularity and use year over year.

And truthfully, there’s no surprises there.

It’s a place where people can easily connect with others, start real conversations, read engaging content, develop their skills, and build real relationships.

Even with the rising popularity and use of LinkedIn, the platform still continues to have a divide between those who love it and users that swear it brings them no value whatsoever.

Without trying to sound harsh, if you’re one of those people, it’s probably your approach to how you’re using the platform.

Here are 5 things that you need to stop doing immediately so that you can start getting a better return on your investment when it comes to using LinkedIn:

1. STOP spamming your new connections

If you’re sending the same copy and paste message to every single person that you’re connecting with, chances are that you will find very little success.

Instead, if you’re keen on sending messages to your new connections, try and craft something that’s personal and that comes across as a little more genuine.

Also, if you’re thinking of going in for the hard sell right after connecting with some… just stop right there.

This never works and never will. You’ll only frustrate people, increase your chances of no replies, and derail any chance of having any sort of real conversation.

Repeat after us: Thou shall not spam on LinkedIn.

2. STOP expecting anything in return

Here’s the thing, no one ever really “owes” you their time, so you need to stop acting as they do.

This really boils down to whether or not you’re being genuine in your approach. Are you engaging with people, commenting on their posts, reaching out to them with the expectation that they’ll be “returning” the favor to some degree.

Instead, focus on building real relationships. Don’t make it all about yourself.

3. STOP trolling.

Surprisingly, LinkedIn is becoming quite the playground for internet trolls.

While it’s perfectly fine to interact and comment on someone else’s thread, it’s definitely not alright to be rude, abrasive, or overly political for your own agenda.

Focus on being someone that people want to do business with. How people view you online and on LinkedIn is likely their first impression, so make it count. Don’t get us wrong, there will definitely be times when you disagree with someone, and sharing your opinion is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s encouraged.

But do it in a way that is respectful and even leads to further healthy discussion.

4. STOP getting overly personal. 

It’s more than alright to share anecdotes and stories of personal situations where you overcame very difficult challenges, or times when you were going through personal hardships.

In fact, LinkedIn loves these types of motivational posts and comments in threads.

They’re really inspiring at times and are relatable to just about anyone who reads them. But remember just because you can easily share and post new content, doesn’t always mean you should. LinkedIn is a tool for building your brand and your business.

So the next time you’re about to share what you’re having for lunch or your overly political views, please STOP.

5. STOP with the typos.

LinkedIn is professional so let’s do each other a favor and keep it that way.

When you’re crafting a new post, writing an article, commenting on someone’s thread, or even reaching out to someone directly, make sure to double-check your spelling.

While it’s easy super easy to jump the gun and hit the ‘send’ button it’s important to make sure you’re taking the time to review what you’re sending before you do – it will definitely pay off.

Up and onward with LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be used as a place to uncover potential new opportunities for your business and your personal brand, but it always requires some work and commitment to how you’re approaching it.

Just like anything else, it’s important that you’re avoiding falling into bad habits that will do the complete opposite of helping you build your business.

Start building real relationships with real people, today.