Do you remember Blockbuster? Consider it. You travel 5-10 minutes to the nearest branch. You then spend around 15-20 minutes combing through their options. Choose 2-3 movies and stand in line with a slew of other people doing the same thing. Proceed to the checkout. “Oh, excellent decision, that’ll be $9.27, plus a $5.25 late penalty on your account. These films will be completed in three days.” Drive 5-10 minutes home and watch a movie. You’ve just invested an hour of your time and $15 in repeating the process in a few days. LOL. Since then, a lot has changed.

Blockbuster’s shipping service

I began by utilizing Blockbuster’s shipping service, which I thought was fantastic. Until a few years ago, when I discovered Netflix. It was fantastic! A few dollars per month for streaming videos and a mailing service all rolled into one subscription! I saw a lot of movies over the following several months. And, as time has passed and technology has advanced, the Netflix streaming service has continued to develop.

Memberships Of Netflix

Netflix’s memberships were ultimately divided such that you had to pay $7.99 per month for streaming and $7.99 per month for the postal service. Netflix’s memberships are still $7.99 per month for all streaming movies.

They have constantly added more material throughout the years, and they even have their original series that they are currently producing. If you haven’t watched it yet, House of Cards is fantastic. Kevin Spacey is a character you love to despise, but that’s another tale… The point is that the material is excellent.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service provided by Amazon

I’ve been an Amazon customer for many years. It is simply the most fabulous website for online buying, gifting, and selling. Apart from the Netflix comparison, I must admit that the Amazon Prime Membership is well worth the money. It costs $79 per month and has commendable advantages. First, all Prime-eligible products qualify for free 2-day delivery.

You may reason that there can’t be that many Amazons Prime qualifying products. Wrong! Almost every product is eligible for Prime. Sometimes you can buy the goods cheaper from other vendors. Still, the 2-day delivery with Prime typically tips the scales in Amazon’s favor (Just another way they undercut people selling on their website). If you think that 2-day FREE delivery isn’t so unique, think again.

What is the most you’ve ever spent on shipping while buying online? $4, $20, or $75? It occurs, and whether you purchase one large item or a few little things utilizing Amazon Prime’s free delivery option… It pays for itself!! Second, you will get discounts ranging from 5 to 70% off random products with a subscription.

After paying for the membership with only free delivery, the amount you may save is frosting on the cake. Another great feature of Amazon Prime (and getting back to the purpose of this post) is the ability to stream videos. Is this an additional cost on top of the $79/month? Nope. It is included with the membership. Finally, whether you compare it to Netflix or not, Prime is worth it.

Netflix vs. Amazon

Now for a direct comparison of these two fantastic services. Which service is superior, Netflix or Amazon Instant Video? First, we’ll compare the two in terms of accessibility and user experience.

Netflix Instant Video

rsz technological device with netfilx app

Netflix Instant Video is available on almost every platform. Not only that, but you may access them from up to four different sources at the same time. My roommate had had a subscription shared by him, myself, and two other friends for months. It is pretty easy to get there. In terms of user experience.

Netflix has the best overall experience and is the simplest to use. My kids, who had no experience with Xbox or computers, were able to figure it out after a few attempts, and if a child can do it, you should be able to as well. If you can’t, it’s not Netflix’s fault; you’re dealing with other issues. The Netflix iPhone app is simple to use and navigate. You lose little of the pleasure you get from using a browser, and it is much smoother on Xbox, PlayStation, and other comparable systems.

Amazon Instant Video

free VPN for netflix

On the other hand, Amazon Instant Video falls short of my expectations when it comes to other platforms, and it lacks the accessibility that Netflix provides. What are you talking about, Amazon? Make this right. In their “defense,” Amazon is about buying. Therefore, the Amazon Instant Video user experience is designed to sell/rent movies to you simultaneously. Said, Netflix wants you to appreciate the films and the background, while Amazon wants you to consume (and of course, they make that very easy).

Selection of Videos in an Instant

Now for the meat of the matter. There is a lot of material on Netflix. Some many movies and programs are simple to find, and they are continuously adding to them. They are presently in discussions with Comcast about providing Netflix streaming directly via the cable provider.

Amazon is purchasing up a lot of fresh content, establishing contracts with numerous providers, and scooping up whatever Netflix drops (with $8 billion in cash on hand vs. Netflix’s $290 million) they may be able to win out in the end… we’ll see. Right now, both Amazon and Netflix have an abundance of movies; only time will tell who has more. Apart from that, you can also explore Free VPN for Netflix.

Cost of Amazon Prime vs. Cost of Netflix

Simple mathematics Netflix Instant Video costs $7.99 per month or $95.88 per year. (Why not, it’s just $7.99/month, and the typical American spends 3-4 times that on coffee). Amazon Prime costs $79 per year and does not accept monthly payments. So, although it’s less expensive (and pays for itself with the additional advantages that come with an Amazon Prime Membership), you must pay it all upfront.

They do provide a 30-day free trial, and after you experience it, you will most likely stay since they offer a month-to-month option with no commitment, of course. They do provide a variety of membership discounts and incentives throughout the year ($20 off your next Amazon purchase on top of whatever Prime savings you already have is typically enough to sweeten the bargain, so keep an eye out for that or a membership discount they run 1-2 times a year). So, in terms of cost, Amazon Prime membership outperforms Netflix’s subscription.


Summing up, every night of the week, I prefer Netflix over Amazon Instant Video. It’s not hard to believe, considering that at least a quarter of Amazon Prime Members (according to some estimates) do not utilize or are unaware of the video collection that is accessible to them. I’ve had plenty of time to investigate both, and I just don’t like having to sift through all the movies on Amazon to determine which are free and which may be rented/purchased for a fee.

When it comes to quality, almost anything on Netflix can be watched in HD as long as you have the appropriate connection speed (make sure you’re not using up all of your bandwidth on other things). While Amazon Prime may provide the SD version for free and then rent the HD version for a few dollars extra. If you’re searching for the finest video streaming service, Netflix is an obvious option… But, of course, I have to include Amazon Prime since, as I previously said, Instant Video is just one of its many advantages.