Ali Wong is one of America’s most talented comedians, known for her distinctive style and sense of humour. As the mother of two wonderful daughters, Mari and Nikki Hakuta, Ali Wong is an inspiration to many young women across the country.

Nikki Hakuta, Ali Wong’s youngest daughter, is the centre of attention for many people because of her sweet and charming personality. In this article, we will talk about Nikki Hakuta’s life, her background and her role in Ali Wong’s life.

Early Life and Background

Nikki Hakuta was born in December 2017 to Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta. Her parents married in November 2014 and have been together ever since. Nikki’s older sister Mari was born in November 2015.

Nikki’s parents have different cultural backgrounds, making her a nice mix of ethnicities. Her father Justin is of Filipino and Japanese descent, while her mother Ali Wong is of Chinese and Vietnamese descent.

Growing Up With A Famous Mother

Growing up with a mother like Ali Wong was an interesting experience for Nikki. Ali Wong has established herself as an actress, writer and comedian, which has given her a busy schedule.

Still, she knows the importance of family time and spends as much time as she can with her daughters. On her tours, she makes a point of taking them with her and involving them in her various projects.

Ali Wong

Nikki’s First Onscreen Appearance

Nikki Hakuta made her first onscreen appearance before she was even born! She was in utero during her mother’s second Netflix special, “Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife.” Ali Wong’s pregnancy was a part of her act, and Nikki made her debut on the show as a baby in the womb.

Nikki’s Relationship With Her Sister

Mari and Nikki Hakuta have a close relationship, and they are often seen together in public events. Ali Wong has mentioned in interviews that her daughters get along very well and have a strong bond. Mari, being the older sister, is often seen taking care of Nikki and making sure she is comfortable.

Nikki’s Personality

Nikki Hakuta is known for her cute and charming personality. She often steals the show with her innocent smile and playful antics. Nikki is already a fan favorite, and many look forward to seeing her in future projects.

Nikki’s Parents’ Divorce

In April 2022, Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta announced their divorce after eight years of marriage. The news was shocking to many fans and especially hard on Nikki and her sister Mari. However, Ali Wong assured her fans that she and Justin are still good friends and will continue to raise their daughters together.

Nikki Hakuta's Parent Divorce

The Future of Nikki Hakuta

Despite her young age, Nikki Hakuta is predicted by many to have a promising future. Her parents are very successful in their fields and have encouraged and supported her interests.

While it is uncertain whether she will take a path into comedy or act like her parents, one thing is certain: Nikki will have the unwavering support of her family no matter which path she chooses.

How Ali Wong Deals with Becoming a Mother and Keeping Her Work

While filming her second Netflix special, Hard Knock Wife, in December 2017, Ali Wong gave birth to her second daughter, Nikki. To avoid the “painful” age difference that existed between her brothers, Wong purposefully spaced out the births of her kids.

Wong wrote in her book, Dear Daughters, about how she felt different from her elder siblings since they had already lived their lives before she was born. She opted to have children close in age since she didn’t want them to go through the same thing.

Ali Wong

Wong Takes Her Girls on the Road

Ali Wong is a mother of two children. Therefore, she usually takes one of her children, Mari or Nikki, along with a nanny or other family members on her tours.

In an April 2019 interview with Vanity Fair, Wong shared that this allows her family to take advantage of the region and its many kid-friendly attractions, such as museums and science centers. After putting the kids to bed, Wong began her performance.

Having A Road Trip As A Family

Ali Wong has a longstanding tradition of touring with her kids in tow. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter in March, Ali Wong commended the movie as a “wonderful family experience.” By day, Wong cherishes spending time with her loved ones, and by night, she graces the stage with her comedic presence. Wong expressed elation in being able to explore different parts of the United States with her family, which has been a fantastic opportunity for them.

No Jokes About Her Daughters in Stand-up Acts

As she was pregnant during her 2016 and 2018 Netflix specials, Wong made a conscious decision to avoid making jokes about her kids throughout her standup appearances. She told The Hollywood Reporter that her young girls do not yet comprehend what she does and that she would need their consent before making jokes about them. Wong is happy and content now that she can spend more time with her children, so any jokes about her situation would be trite and forced.


Many people’s hearts have been won over by the youthful and gifted Nikki Hakuta. She’s fortunate to have loving parents and a big sibling that cares about her. We can’t wait to see what life brings Nikki as she matures. She will go on to do great things, just as her parents did.