Twitter to Allow Media Publishers to Charge Users for Reading Articles

That’s exactly correct. CEO Elon Musk revealed that beginning next month, Twitter will enable media publishers to charge consumers to view their content. The “per article basis” pricing structure means that users who don’t pay for a subscription will pay extra for each article they read. Musk thinks the media and the general public will both benefit greatly from this addition.

A new tool that will allow media publishers to charge customers for reading individual articles shared on Twitter has been unveiled by CEO Elon Musk. Launching next month, the functionality will make it easy for media businesses to implement pay-per-article subscription models.

Musk thinks the media and the general public will both benefit greatly from this addition. Users who are not interested in paying a monthly fee can pay more on a per-article basis to gain access to content on an as-needed basis. This change may provide publishers with a new source of income while also expanding their audience’s pool of high-quality content consumption options.

The details of the feature, such as the payment amount and payment mode, have not been revealed yet. However, it is expected that this feature will provide a new way for media publishers to monetize their content on Twitter.

This announcement comes as part of a series of changes that Musk has made to the platform since taking over as CEO in October. It remains to be seen how this new feature will be received by users and media publishers alike.

No information about the feature’s price or how it will be paid for has been made public as of yet. It is hoped, however, that this addition will give media outlets a fresh method of making money off of Twitter.

Since taking over as CEO in October, Musk has made a number of improvements to the platform, including today’s announcement. How people and media outlets react to this new function remains to be seen.

Subscribing to Newsletters on Twitter

Twitter’s editorial newsletter, Revue, is available to subscribers. Any user can sign up for a free Revue newsletter subscription directly from a user’s Twitter profile. When a creative adds a paid newsletter option to their material, subscribers have the opportunity to upgrade on Revue by entering their payment information. The Revue settings allow creators to manage whether or not their Twitter profiles show the newsletter function. 

Keep in mind that Revue’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply to any newsletters you create or subscribe to. When you join up, the newsletter will have access to your email address. 


How do I subscribe to a newsletter on Twitter?

Click the Subscribe button on the creator’s profile. You can also click or touch the Subscribe button on a Tweet in your Home timeline if it links to the newsletter the creator offers.

Can I Tweet a creator’s Revue profile or newsletter issue?

Both your profile and individual newsletter issues can be promoted via Twitter. Twitter will automatically generate a link preview of the creator’s newsletter or Revue profile if you include a link to either when composing a Tweet. 

Do Twitter newsletters include previews I can read before I subscribe?

A Tweet displaying the newsletter can be previewed in your Home timeline. You can preview the Tweet by clicking or tapping on it. After that, a sign-up form will appear. It’s possible that repeat subscription requests won’t be made if you’re currently receiving the newsletter. 

How do I stop receiving newsletter updates?

To stop receiving the creator’s Revue newsletters, just tap or click the link labeled “Unsubscribe” or “Manage subscriptions.”

Is it possible to sign up for other newsletters on Twitter except Revue?

At this time, the only place to sign up for Revue newsletters is on a creator’s Twitter page.