Accidents are a harsh reality of life, no matter how cautious and vigilant you are. Even though legal rights cannot protect you from the pain and trauma caused by injuries, they can still help you take the required steps towards protecting your legal rights.  This ensures that such injuries never occur again, and you are compensated for the affliction caused to you due to recklessness on a second party’s end. A personal injury lawyer in Manchester helps in the case of personal injury also called ‘tort’ law, which allows the victim of an accident to be compensated for someone else’s wrongful conduct due to negligence or intent, which led to the injury. Several situations can lead to a personal injury claim. However, it should be noted that not every damage can be linked to legal liability. This article will tell you some of the most common occurrences of what is considered a personal injury claim.

Car Accident Cases

Most car accidents occur due to negligence on the driver’s end. In the case of a collision between two cars, one of the drivers is usually driving recklessly or isn’t following the road’s rule. In most cases, a careless driver can be held accountable for the harm caused to another vehicle or any injuries sustained by the driver or the passengers of that car. Legal proceedings can help obtain financial compensation for the damage to the victim’s health and property. However, there are certain exceptions in such situations; for instance, if there are no severe injuries, both the drivers can claim insurance from their providers.

Defamation: Libel and Slander

Defamation cases arise due to the slandering of an individual’s character without any evidence to back up the untrue statement and with an ulterior motive to cause harm to the reputation of the victim. We need to look into who the plaintiff is and what medium the statement was made through to evaluate the case’s exact nature. To prove defamation, the plaintiff needs to prove that the statement was released with actual malice and harmful intent.

Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall claims are a prevalent kind of personal injury case.  It is usually people that own the property or, in some cases, those who are renting it that are legally obligated to keep the premises safe and free from hazards. This majorly applies to public places where it is the property’s owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of people that step into that premises.  However, not every slip and fall injury applies to a personal injury case. Depending upon the legal obligations tied to the property owner and the area where the injury took place, the situation might wary.

The Final Verdict

Accidents are bound to happen. However, knowing your rights can be very beneficial for you after an injury has occurred to make a personal injury claim and be compensated for the harm caused to you. If you have gone through an accident and want to be compensated for the trauma caused to you, reach out to personal injury lawyers in Manchester to get to know your rights.