History Of The Antique Diamond Cuts

Written by Peter Wilson Rocky River | August 2, 2019

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Tracking the history of the antique diamond cuts may sound interesting and may tell you a lot more about the diamonds. In the early times, the diamond was rarely used in the jewelry and was indicated as a sign of royalty. It was well-known for its natural polished form.  Also, the antique diamonds cannot be equated with the modern diamond because at that time it was kenned for its radiance and luster, not for its sparkle.

Let’s explore the history of the Antique diamond cuts with the expert Gemologist, Peter Wilson in Rocky River.

1. Point Cut Diamonds

This diamond cut was one of the most prime pointed diamonds, which was frequently referred to as a Writing diamond. It was well-known for its original and inherent octahedral (eight-sided) appearance which was polished, not cut. In ancient times, the point cut diamond seems to appear dark and dull, and was so hard that only the dust of the diamond was used to polish it. According to experts including Peter Wilson in Rocky River, this diamond cut was frequently seen to be worn by the superior peoples of Romania, and later they introduced this diamond cut to the Europeans and is one of the antique cut.

2. Table Cut Diamonds – Antique Gift

The shape of the table cut diamond is illustrated through its name. It was discovered in the 14th century when a person observed a broken diamond that seems to appear in a flat-form, like a table. Also, it was having four downside edges similar to a table. It was well-known for its dark form. In the year 1477, it was first noticed that the table cut diamond ring was given as a wedding gift.

3. Rose-cut Diamond

Rose-cut diamond was one of the newest and the fashionable diamond cuts that were introduced to Europe in 1530. According to Peter Wilson in Cleveland, this diamond cut was having one of the brilliant shapes and had 24 facets and a high dome. It appeared as a closed rosebud. In 18s, this diamond-cut became the favorite of all in Europe. Now after the 100 years vagueness, the rose cut is undergoing a 21st-century revival led by master stone cutters in India.

4. Heart Cut Diamond – Antique Diamond Cut

Heart Cut diamond was one of the most advanced and Antique diamond cut that were made on the land of Europe. It took a long-drawn time and effort to create this diamond-cut, because of the compact and the complex shape it. Also, at that time, the heart cut diamond was only worn by the most prosperous peoples of Europe such as Mary, Queen of Scotts. Later in 1562, the empress of Scotts gave heart cut diamond ring to Queen Elizabeth.

5. Briolette Cut Diamond

Briolette cut diamond was obtained from the Latin rose cut. This diamond is having a 3D teardrop shape with 48 to 88 facets. In 1811, this diamond cut was presented as a gift to Marie Louise by her husband Napoleon Emperor. This type of cut is one of the extreme signs of royalty.

Final Words

So these were some of the Antique diamond cuts explored by Peter Wilson in Rocky Riveran expert and certified Gemologist, who carefully examine gems and stones and make their value and authenticity. We hope you enjoyed the history of antique diamond cuts. For more information and queries regarding diamonds, gems, and stone one can leave a comment in the comment section below.

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