The pressure of board exams starts from the day when students almost are in the middle of their academic year. Some of them feel the pressure to perform well from the very start of the academic year itself.

Since CBSE boards in India and around the world are hyped by labeling it to be tough and one needs to work really hard to score well, it kind of automatically pressurizes students. In this scenario of stress and peer pressure, it is almost impossible to perform up to their caliber. Therefore, here are a few tips from students themselves and a few preparation tips which can help students to maximize their potential and score much better without having to panic or worry.

Selecting the right time to start your CBSE preparations 

Classes 10 and Class 12 are considered to be the most important academic year classes in school. Every student and the best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh has a different approach to learning. Some score even after studying at the last moment, while some work hard from the very start. It is difficult to set a time for keeping each student in mind. Therefore the student can follow the common approach. It includes studying from the very first day itself.

This helps students to keep themselves up to date with the syllabus done at school and they can easily ace any surprise tests or exams. This also does not put any pressure on students at the last moment. It makes the process much easier.

A good timetable can make CBSE preparations easy

CBSE timetable

The timetable is an important part of our life. Be it to achieve certain goals, score better marks, or follow a routine and finish work in time. Students from the very start know their capabilities and have a good understanding of what their weaknesses and strengths are. This can be a big help when they choose to make their own timetable. It will allow them to decide which subjects need how much time as per your caliber.

But just making the timetable isn’t the idea. The main focus is to follow it religiously. Putting up a timetable and postponing the work will only overload you as students. Therefore, make the timetable in such a way that it doesn’t feel like a burden for you to follow, and your goals of aiming for good scores are also achievable.

Study habits to achieve good scores

Some habits are always good and help students to achieve their goals. Some good study habits could be sticking to the designed plan. Being punctual and well-disciplined, having a good life balance between academics and personal life, following your passion along with your studies, etc, Doing these really help students focus on all the goals in their life. It keeps them well balanced and doesn’t bore them from studies.

Strategy for long answers inboards

The pattern of CBSE exams is such that it does include long answer questions for almost 10 marks. These are crucial to all students as they add up a lot of scores to their total marks. A basic way of learning these long answers is that one needs to understand the question and the answer. With that, they can write in their own words.

The other is to divide these long answers into paragraphs and relate them with their real-life so that they stay in the mind for the longest. It always depends on how the students feel comfortable remembering these answers. The above are just a few ways to do it.

Practicing previous year’s CBSE question papers

The pattern of the boards is such that it has 3 different sets and the level of difficulty for all the 3 is the same. But for the students to get an idea of how the exams will be, solving previous years’ question papers surely is a benefit. This allows them to take pre-exams before they actually appear for boards. It lets them understand how the questions can be framed and upon solving gives them a sense of confidence. It can be taken as a test for them to check how much they have studied and what more they need to focus on.

Basically, it will help them to track their preparation level and know how much work they need to do to achieve their goals. These were a few tips that can surely help students to work their way through CBSE and aim for their desired goals. It is completely up to the student’s caliber and capabilities as to how much they can work. Some work hard while some work smart. The way of working for each student is different. Therefore, the above are basic tips that can help all students in some or another way.

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Mock exams, Past papers, Pre boards, unit tests along with every 3 months holding a term exam helps prepares the students with every kind of question.

To complete the syllabus before time, teachers add in extra efforts by holding extra classes also for frequent revision of the syllabus. This gives them extra time to revise and more time to prepare. Giving more time to the students helps them to understand the topics better also revises frequently.

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