How to Get Prepared for your Apartment Move

Written by Mandeep Singh | April 7, 2021

apartment move

So you decided to apartment move? Moving house and apartment are overwhelming tasks. Indeed, you have to think about numerous things to make sure that your move runs smoothly.

It’s not only moving furniture or boxes, but you have a huge work packing all your precious items, then empty your house, clean everything thoroughly, tidy your garden, and fix all the broken items or things. You want all this to be well done as you want your bond back and don’t want any trouble or additional stress with your real estate or new buyer or tenants.

On top of that, don’t forget you will have to unpack everything and get rid of the packing gears. This mix with your daily life, family, and kids can be overwhelming and stress you out. The best way to run this smoothly is to call a professional relocation expert.

If you decided to move to an apartment, the move could be particularly due to access, and we strongly recommend hiring a professional moving company.

Today we will give you the ultimate tips if you want to move from or to an apartment.

1- ) Check your furniture to know if it will fit in your new place

Most of the people moving from house to apartment tend to forget that apartments have limited square meters and don’t have any patios, garage, or outside areas if your furniture doesn’t fit.

You must plan your move to a minimum and make sure that your furniture will fit in your new place. Moving an apartment takes more time than a house, and of course, you don’t want that removalist waist time moving not valuable items or, worse, that you end up with no space in your new apartment. Do a floor plan and get rid of the items that won’t fit.

2- ) Measure your furniture 

It is crucial to make sure that your furniture will fit in every room and against every wall in link with the above point. Use a tape measure, check your item’s size, and get rid of the not helpful furniture if needed.

The same story, you want that your moving company spent the minimum time on your relocation, so you don’t want them to go back and forth with items you wouldn’t use.

3- ) Packing preparation is the key 

When moving from or to an apartment, walking distance is longer. Loading and unloading the lift take time; you can’t load directly in the truck as you don’t want to leave anything unattended. So an apartment move takes roughly twice the time of a house move.

If you have small random items everywhere, the removalists will take more time as they will have to walk more. The only way to put your costs down is to have everything in boxes, crates or bags. No small random items whatsoever. As a result, the movers will be very efficient with their trolleys and won’t waste time. If the removalists spent less time, your bill would be cheaper.

4- ) Select the right moving company 

Moving to an apartment requires skills and knowledge. A beginner can’t efficiently move an apartment without any damages. So it’s important to select professional removalists that can handle this kind of move. How do you know that your moving company can handle apartment move?

Check their website and if they offer this service. You can see on their social media (Instagram, Facebook …) if they displayed any apartment removal work too. Being a flat removalist required experienced movers with the right tools. The moving company will have to show up with all the necessary gears as moving trolleys and Dollys, and all the material to protect your furniture during your relocation. If your move includes any balcony lift, ensure that the business can handle this very specific operation.

5- ) Communicate with the right person in charge 

If you live in an apartment or planned to move into a new flat, you will have to talk to the person in charge. Depending on the building and the area, it can be the building manager, the strata manager, your landlord, or the maintenance guy.

By asking him or her, you will have a clear response to what you need to respect the building’s rules.

Most of them will book the lift for your move and install some moving pads and carpet to protect the inside of the lift. They will put some signs to let other peoples know that you are moving. They will give you some lift keys and advice about parking restrictions.

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