How To Properly Use An Electric Shaver

Written by Zeeshan Ayaz | May 9, 2019

Electric Shaver

Electric shaver is a best option for shaving as compared to razors. It reduces the chances of cuts and bleeding. It is also difficult to achieve good shave through electric shaver, so you must have to follow some techniques mentioned below.

Choose the best shaver

You have to choose the best electric shaver according to the needs of your skin because all the peoples don’t have same nature of the skin. The best way for choosing the right shaver for you is to consult grooming experts like barbers. The hair growth and texture of every person is different so be careful of choosing the shaver according to your hair needs.

The shaver companies make better shavers year by year. So you must have to go for an updated model of shaver, like the best shaver 2019 is Braun Series 9290CC it is one of the best shaver of this year.

Wash your face

The most important step for shaving is to wash your face with warm water or wrap your face with a soft cloth soaked with warm water to make your beard soft for a best shave. Now wash your face with skin cleanser recommended by skin care specialist for removing the dust from your face so the process of shave will become easy for you.

Use good quality Pre-Shave Product

Choosing best pre-shave plays very important role in a closer and smooth shave. Use alcohol base product for removing dirt from your skin so you can shave your face smoothly. Pre-shave oil increases the performance of electric shaver.

Choose a proper technique for shave

If you follow the proper technique for shaving so it will make the process of shave easy for you. All the shavers don’t have same methodology of removing hair so optimize your shave by moving in a supplementary direction. If you are using a rotary shaver then try to make small circular motions with shaver head on your face and try to avoid pressing hard and also do not focus on a same spot of your face repeatedly.

How to hold shaver

Hold the shaver in you dominant hand. There are some peoples who use there right hand for writing and others use left hand, so the recommendation  for holding the shaver is use your hand which you use for writing because it will give you a good grip on a shaver and results in a good and smooth shave experience.

Use your other hand to stretch your skin for a proper shave. This method provides you closest shave and also saves your time of shaving.

Ensure the sharpness of blade

As replacing the blades from electric shaver is not that much easy but it is necessary to replace the blade once in a year for the better results of shave. If you ignore the process of changing blades once in a year so the results of shave will be affected and it will your skin will also be irritated.

Properly shave different parts of face

Shave against the grain for having a closest shave but do it gently because there is chance of cutting hair below the skin, and it causes the growth on ingrown hairs which can possibly cause the infection.

Make sure that the both sides of your face are even while shaving. Use your both index fingers for knowing that which side is longer. Place the left finger at the bottom of left side do the same with right finger to adjust your face accordingly.

Use the index finger of the hand which is not dominant to lift your nose up and nose down for having a large area for shave.

Stretch your lips for shaving the area under your lips. The area of below the jaw and neck is very sensitive are of your skin so take your time while shaving this area and do the shave in this area in a trickiest way, smoothly and gently. Check your face again in mirror for the missing spots.

When you done with the process of shave use good quality aftershave

Keep the shaver clean

You must have to clean your shaver after the process of shaving. If you have thick facial hair so you must have to clean your shaver regularly. If you don’t take care of cleanliness of your shaver so the performance of the shaver will be affected. Try to avoid those tools which are not specifically made for cleaning of shaver because these tools can affect you shaver.

The foil shavers can be cleaned by removing the head frame and smoothly clean it with the brush came in the package with shaver you are using. And the rotary shavers can be cleaned by removing the razor head assembly and brushing out the lower side of razor chamber.

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