You would have listened about various classes of insurances, such as business, health, life, automobile, etc. But have you heard about the Alien Abduction Insurance? It might sound weird to you, but you can purchase such type of insurance if you are anxious about the impact an alien abduction might have on your life.

So with the help of a business leader and an Entrepreneur – Randon James Morris, let’s find out how Alien Abduction Insurance is a weird insurance.

What is Alien Abduction Insurance?

Alien Abduction Insurance (AAI) also acknowledged as UFO insurance covers you if you can demonstrate that you have been abducted by aliens or non-human life forms. According to Insurance Policies Expert – Randon James Morris, this type of insurance has been come up from the health and life insurances and even, peoples have got claims from it. Also, this is insurance is purchased by many peoples in order to protect themselves from the aliens or any of the non-human incident. Yet, no stories of such incidents have been confirmed by the government.

Does the Alien Abduction Insurance Make Sense?

Insurances are done by the peoples so that they can protect themselves from the incidents. Like other insurances, alien abduction is also done by peoples. But one must keep some common things in mind before getting themselves insured with this insurance. Investigate the abduction incident that really occurred, and how many are likely to occur. Remember that making the best business decision, will not pull you towards the loss.

According to Randon James Morris, multiple organisations offer aforementioned insurance throughout the world, over the years, in average, the following have been common insurance alternatives – Medical insurance, including psychiatric care, in the event of a physical abduction by a UFO. Cash reimbursement pay outs for non-human or alien abduction, alien gestation (with the possibility of coverage for humans), alien investigation and mortality generated by aliens.

Each insurance organisation is diverse, especially when it comes to these unusual types of insurance, so make sure and ask what is covered and how the payments are made. This type of insurance is not something that is standardized, so beware that you are really taking a chance when buying this type of policy. You require to examine all the aspects and paperwork accurately.

Where to Buy Such Type of Insurance?

According to Insurance Business Mag in 2018, Budget Insurance in the UK, based in Peterborough has commenced advertising a new Alien Abduction Insurance policy option and offering to add their homeowner policy holders to a waiting list for it if they are interested. This is a very exciting approach because of the fact that it is based on modern discoveries by NASA rather than the fear of the past.

UFO Abduction Insurance Company is in service since 1987 and has auctioned $10,000,000 policies with paid claims. Also, the company has sold more than 100,000 policies.

According to Sun life UK, Lloyds of London allegedly sold almost 20,000 policies.

Final Words

So according to the leading Entrepreneur – Randon James Morris, this is what Alien Abduction Insurance is, and how it is different from others. You can purchase such type of insurance if you are anxious about the impact an alien abduction might have on your life.