Causes, Tests, And Treatment Of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Written by Kaushal Kadam | June 24, 2019

recurrent pregnancy loss

Life is full of challenges and complications. Our contemporary lifestyle is full of stress. Due to various harmful lifestyle choices and genetic disposition, a woman might suffer from consecutive failures to complete a pregnancy cycle. As per the definition described by the medical associations, two times consecutive pregnancy losses or more is termed as recurrent pregnancy loss.

The term pregnancy loss is coined to the incident where a woman involuntarily loses her pregnancy within 20 weeks of conception. When it occurs multiple times, it is very heartbreaking for the couple. Proper medical attention and extensive care should be taken. The reason behind the losses should be recognized beforehand and needs to be solved.

Reasons for recurrent pregnancy loss

In most of the cases, it has been found that abnormal genetic disposition is the prime cause of pregnancy loss. Moreover, the same reason exists and again hinders the pregnancy term to complete.

The abnormality can occur in the egg, sperm quality, or in the early stage of the embryo formation. It has been calculated that over 15% of the pregnancies suffer the fate of miscarriages. A comprehensive recurrent pregnancy loss testing will lead to the discovery of the underlying issue. An estimation of nearly 60% conceptions ceases to exist within three months. In fact, over 50% of the women do not even know that they are pregnant.

Another most important point to ponder is the advancing age. Increased age definitely increases the risk of miscarriages. The poor egg quality along with genetic abnormalities lead to the mishap where the woman has nothing to do. Involuntary miscarriages often occur due to the abnormalities in the reproductive physiology also. Even if the pregnancy is completed successfully, the genetic abnormalities might appear in the offspring. The genetic deformity in the parents might get multiplied and seriously affect the health of an offspring.

Uterine abnormality is the second most important reason behind miscarriages. Even if the woman has no genetic abnormality, the uterine environment is not safe for the embryo to grow. The inhospitable condition inside the uterus causes miscarriages. It might happen due to improper blood supply or due to inflammation. A proper blood supply in the uterine wall is a must as the growing embryo will need it for proper cell division and growth. A malnourished embryo will not be able to grow normally.

As mentioned earlier, physiological abnormalities will also hinder normal pregnancy terms. In some cases, the shape of a uterus is not regular. This irregularity might be inborn or has developed later. Due to the irregularity, becoming pregnant might not be a problem but continuing the term becomes a lot challenging for the body.

The immunity system is also responsible for recurrent pregnancy loss. Hormonal imbalance also has an impact on pregnancy. Thyroid disease, diabetes, and a few other hormone-related diseases can also affect pregnancy. In fact, the clotting factors in the mother’s blood also decide the fate of pregnancy. Environmental factors, lifestyle choices, occupational factors, stress, and other mental conditions determine the fate of pregnancy in a normal woman.

Tests to identify recurrent pregnancy loss

There are many tests that can be done on a couple to find out the reasons for recurrent pregnancy loss. This recurrent pregnancy loss testing is generally done in a reputed fertility clinic where the infrastructure is quite impressive. It is obvious that the tests are done to identify the causes mentioned above.

If there is a chromosomal abnormality, it can be diagnosed via genetic counselling. The karyotypic abnormality can be easily diagnosed using the latest procedures. In this case, the specialist will describe the actual reason behind miscarriages and the probability of becoming a parent in the future.

The prenatal genetic profiling or study is done by Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) where a placental piece is biopsied during the first three months of pregnancy. Another test is amniocentesis where the fluid surrounding and protecting a baby is collected and analyzed.

The third way to find out genetic issues is via IVF accompanied by pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). In this case, after IVF, the embryo is cultured and grown so that a few cells can be biopsied to test genetic make-up. Once the genetic make-up is confirmed of no deformity, the other embryos are transferred to ensure a normal pregnancy term.

In the case of uterine abnormality, invasive surgical procedure is a must. The abnormality or the defect in the physiology is diagnosed and then the procedure is prescribed.

Certain medications are prescribed to reduce the clotting of blood in the uterine segment. In hormonal imbalance, supplements and other medications are prescribed to make it normal.

Find the right clinic

This is the most important part of the process. When you are suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss, you will be emotionally broken. It needs immense strength to try again and become pregnant. This is where the professional service from Corion Fertility Clinic, the Best Fertility Centre in India can be approached for a turnkey solution to the problem. The elaborate tests and diagnosis of the underlying problems under the supervision of the experts is a mandatory step.

The team of experts from all backgrounds will be available for consultation. Every single factor will be perfectly considered so that the defect can be diagnosed without any hassle. There might be different problems too. The comprehensive tests will be done with utmost precision so that the fertility experts can easily find out the chances of parenthood to work with.

One the problem is diagnosed by intricate profiling and tests, a specific recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment will be initiated to gift the couple with the blessing of parenthood. This is not an easy step to take. Moreover, you will also need best-in-class experts to ensure the highest success rate of this venture. If there is any chance with the latest techniques and advancements, the experts will suggest the couples to take it. With proper education and guidance, the patients will become ready for motherhood. It is not easy to discover the causes behind recurrent pregnancy loss and find a treatment.

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