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Written by Joe Maillet | November 23, 2020

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Allah created human beings and sent Prophets for their guidance that were born among them. Prophets showed the right path to Muslims and also practically taught them a positive way of life. Prophets used to spend life according to the sayings of Allah and their character attracted the attention of people towards Allah. Allah used to send the revelations upon His Prophets and all the Prophets were close to Allah.

Relation between Prophets and Allah:

Prophets were in strong relation with Allah and Allah used to talk with them. Allah revealed the revelations upon them to teach human beings. In this way people left the erroneous way of spending life and started following the teachings of Prophets. The first man on the earth named as “Adam” was also the Prophet of Allah. Hazrat Yaqoob, Yousif, Ibrahim, Ishaq, Ismael and Esa were the Prophets of Allah who showed the right way of spending life to Muslims. All of them had a strong connection with Allah.

Closest relation between Holy Prophet and Allah:

The reason of the creation of this universe, Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) came to earth in the end. He was the head of all Prophets and came in the end. He was so loved by Allah that Allah created the universe only for him. The series of Prophets ended after Holy Prophet came to this world. He explained the full way of spending life according to Islam. He saved people from destruction and made them brothers. He was the true well-wisher of humanity. The relation of Holy Prophet was closest to Allah Almighty.

Name of Holy Prophet with the name of Allah:

Allah loved Holy Prophet so much that He attached the name of the Holy Prophet with His own name forever. The first criteria to enter Islam is reciting Kalmah which consists of the names of Allah and the Holy Prophet together. Holy Prophet used to worship Allah lonely even before his Nabuwat. He also performed Hajj and Umrah. Muslims visit sacred places with keen interest. Cheap Hajj and Umrah packages 2021 is the best chance for Muslims to perform sacred worship in the House of Allah and other sacred sites.

Examples of best relation between Allah and Prophet:

Holy Prophet was so close to Allah that Allah called him on the skies to meet him face to face. This journey of the Holy Prophet towards Allah is named Miraj. On the other occasion, when it was the time of departure of the Holy Prophet from this world, the angel asked him whether he wants to go to another world or not. When he gave permission, the angel took his soul out of his body. Allah and His angels send Darood to Holy Prophet and Allah has declared a great reward for sending Darood to Prophet.

Follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad:

Muslims are required to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in all aspects of life. Acting upon the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the best way to succeed in this world and the world hereafter. Love of Prophet brings us close to Allah Almighty. Visit of the House of Allah and Roza of Rasool is the best way to get close to Allah.

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