How Restaurants Perform Waste Management In Medicine Hat?

Written by Axiom Environmental Solutions | August 6, 2019

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Waste management in Medicine Hat, especially in restaurants, worries all people linked to the hospitality sector. It is a matter of health that should be understood as a matter of public health.

The correct management of restaurant waste is vital due to its high organic content. This type of garbage can house many microorganisms and even pests. In this sense, the accumulation of restaurant waste can be a major health problem.

Materials, location, and design of facilities are the three factors that must be taken into account when handling food waste without risk.

What Kind Of Waste Is Generated In Restaurants?

Restaurants and bars generate many organic, plastic, glass, and even chemical residues. Some of them are recyclable, and we can use the necessary services for recycling as long as you make the appropriate classification:

• Green container for crystal and glass

• Blue container for packaging, cardboard and paper materials

• Yellow container for plastic, brass containers, tetra bricks, and cans of drink

• The brown container is intended for organic Waste Management in Medicine Hat

Within the restaurant waste, we find a typology with a particular treatment: “fatty waste.” Within these wastes, this must be collected by an authorized professional company to be recycled.

Why Is It Important To Recycle Oil From Bars And Restaurants?

The recycling of this type of fatty waste from restaurants, such as the recycling of used oil is mandatory because they are a very polluting material. It is estimated that one liter of oil can contaminate up to a thousand liters of water.

Once treated, the fatty waste is used for the production of biofuels, soaps, and other products in the chemical industry (manufacture of waxes and varnishes, etc.).

How to Manage Restaurant Waste?

The management of restaurant waste must be a priority. One of the keys to treat waste generated in a restaurant efficiently is to establish an isolation system from the moment they are produced and until they are disposed of. The good idea is to install hazardous waste containers with an airtight seal and non-manual operation in areas of the kitchen where food scraps are handled.

It is also imperative to determine where the garbage containers will be installed. The Waste Management Recycling Containers should be made of a resistant material and with sufficient capacity. Its location will be in specific areas that are easy to clean and disinfect and wholly isolated from food circulation and storage areas.

These areas should have a water outlet, a grid drain, few joints on the pavement, half reeds in the wall, and airtight closure to prevent the passage of insects and rodents.

Finally, the disposal of restaurant waste must be continuous to avoid accumulation. The waste will be transported abroad by a route that does not pose a risk of contamination for people, materials, equipment, or food.

Other tips to improve restaurant waste management in Medicine Hat are:

• Remove trash from the kitchen to avoid bad odors, contamination, and the appearance of harmful organisms.

• Clean completely and frequently the containers where the garbage accumulates.

• Avoid the massive generation of waste in the restaurant kitchen thanks to the menu definition, product rotation (especially fresh produce), and smart shopping.

Hence, Axiom Environmental Solutions have a service for collecting and managing used oils for restaurants. They also cover the process of treatment and recycling of used oil in the hospitality industry. If you want to have 100% efficient service of waste management in Medicine Hat, then contact Axiom Environmental Solutions.

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