The world of telecom has evolved at a fast pace in the recent past. This rapid development has put extreme pressure on telcos that still depend on legacy Telecom Billing And Payment Software. Such operators are finding it hard to monetize their services and launch innovative bundle packages to attract new subscribers. The problem is compounded by the launch of revolutionary technologies like 5G and IoT. These technologies require the absolute best in Telecom Billing Software Services for generating the desired revenue. Therefore, it is the right time for telecom operators to have a long look at their present billing capabilities and make the necessary changes in time, so they can stay relevant in the coming years.

What to Analyze?

For a telecom operator that focuses solely on its core services, it could be hard to analyze the present and future billing requirements. To make their tasks simple, below is a questionnaire that can point them in the right direction.

Is there any need for you to price your services differently to evoke customer interest?

Right now, the telecom industry is in a state of flux. Customers are getting swayed away by better services offerings. In case, you are finding it hard to create bundled packages for attracting customers and they are leaving you, it is time for you to invest in a flexible and versatile Telecom Billing And Payment Software solution.

Are you delivering complex services and finding it difficult to communicate them to your clients?

New services like IoT and 5G are more complex than basic call and SMS services. In case, you are pinning your hopes on using these new services as a Launchpad for your business, you should seriously think about employing Telecom Billing Software Services that can scale according to the future requirements. A cutting-edge telecom billing software with a centralized online charging system can automate your billing process and take the load off your shoulder.

Locking onto the Right Telecom Billing System for Your Company

In case, you have analyzed and are looking for a new Telecom Billing And Payment Software Solution, below are some tips that can allow you to lock onto the right one:

  1. Third-party compatibility – It is impossible to overhaul your complete system instantly. Hence, you need a telecom billing system that can integrate with your erstwhile CRM, ERP software, etc. Always partner with a telecom billing services provider that offers APIs, so you can integrate new functionalities without customizing or overhauling the complete software. APIs provide you the option to integrate payment gateways, shipping vendor partnership, etc.
  2. Type of pricing options – Generally, Telecom Billing And Payment Software solutions allow for one-time license and subscription-based options. The subscription-based option works well in the cloud environment, in which, clients pay a pre-determined fee to the vendor. On the other hand, one-time license deals are best for those clients who want to make one payment and own the license forever. Therefore, you should always partner with a vendor that can offer you the option that suits you.
  3. Cloud-based software – A cloud-based telecom billing platform safeguards your subscribers’ information by making its copies at multiple locations. So, when there is a natural disaster or any other catastrophe, your information stays safe because of redundancy.