To identify the plumbing system design and materials needed, roof plumbers examine specifications and drawings. Exterior siding, wall external cladding, steel roofs, and drainage goods are among the things they manufacture, build, manage, and revamp.

Coastside roofing advises that you don’t need any real schooling to work as a roof plumber. An apprenticeship and VET training in roofing or cladding, however, is advantageous. You will be able to execute this job with more technical proficiency if you have a Certificate III in roof plumbing. You can register for a roofing contractor license through the course and work as a roofing contractor legally in Australia.

Discover what a roofer does, what licenses he requires, how much he makes, and how to qualify as a roofer in Australia by continuing to read this site.

Who Are Roofers?

Roofers are a necessary component of the construction sector. To make strong, impermeable, and long-lasting structures, roofers cover residences, structures, and other constructions with building sheets.

Those who install roof drainage channels on household, business, and industrial structures are known as roofers, also known as shingles, steel roof installers, or roof tilers.

In Australia, What Does A Roofer Do?

Roofers perform a range of activities depending on the construction project, including planning, choosing roofing materials, laying tiles, and applying waterproof coating and protective paint. Their most typical tasks include:

  • To determine the appropriate materials, and comprehend technical drawings, specifications, and construction locations.
  • Evaluate the hazards that are involved
  • Build constrained scaffolding, ladders, and tile elevators.
  • Be able to work with a variety of roofing constructions and materials, such as metal, fibreglass, glass, or polycarbonate.
  • Gauge the roofing material, then position it by the edges of the roof.
  • To conform around fireplace edges, openings, and roof troughs, mould roofing material as needed.
  • To polish the exterior, apply ceramic tiles, roofing, structural steel, impermeable coatings, or marble in the walls are clad.
  • Overlay successive rows of tiles while fastening roof material with cable, staples, and nails.
  • Tile ridges and edges should be fixed in cement mortar.
  • Seal and shock exposed nail heads to stop roof leaks
  • Fasten it by slipping roof sheathing underneath the premade flashing.
  • Install and improve roof drainage channels, such as rain barrels, covering, downspouts, and drainage systems on roof tiles, to gather and rid of rainwater.

Roofer Competency Skills

You must possess the following abilities to operate as a roofer:

  • Adore doing actual and manual labour
  • And interpreting technical diagrams
  • Physical power
  • Capable of working in any weather
  • Working outdoors and at heights without discomfort
  • Technical expertise
  • Showing positive kinesthetic awareness
  • Ability to listen actively
  • Excellent balance
  • Geographic sensitivity
  • Worked efficiently
  • Cooperation
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Managing time abilities
  • Capable of keeping promises
  • A capacity for problem-solving

How to Work as a Roofing contractor in Australia

In Australia, you must have a license to work as a professional roofer. You can complete the procedures below to fulfil regulatory standards and get your roofing professional license.

Get Licensed First

What formal training is required to become a roofer? Certified roof contracting courses, such as Certificate III in Roof Plumbing, Certificate III in Roof Tiling, or Certificate II in Metal Roofing and Cladding, should be completed by aspiring roofers.

According to Australian national standards, the course meets the required proficiency level. It paves the way to a variety of fascinating job opportunities in the roofing industry, says Sunshinecoast  Roofing.

The majority of trade schools in Australia offer these programs as hybrid programs that mix classroom instruction with on-the-job training. It helps trainees to acquire the fundamental skills and hands-on expertise needed to operate as a roofer who are certified in their trade.

Students who pursue an internship in roof plumbing learn how to weld, plan, install, flex, combine, check, and repair underground pipes used in the rainwater system.

 Obtain Required Licences

After you have earned the necessary credentials, getting a contractor’s licence is the next step. It permits carrying out residential construction or trade work. The requirements to become a licensed roofing contractor are as follows:

  • 18 years or older
  • A decent and fit individual
  • Should not be suffering from mental incapacity
  • Ought not to be forbidden by law from holding a position of authority
  • Acquire the training and experience necessary, as determined by the authority.
  • Not have been a trainee or apprentice before
  • Meet Industry Standards

To work in the construction business, roofers must complete safety induction training and earn a Construction Induction Card. To operate at altitude on construction projects, you might also need specialized training. With the required credentials and certifications, you can apply for roofing employment in Australia.

After Graduation, Find Employment

To launch your professional roofing career, update your resume and write a cover letter that is tailored to the position. To get your first job, emphasize your accomplishments and personal assets in your resume and engage in a lot of networking.

Publish Your Company

Do you intend to operate your roofing contractor business there? You must register your business and obtain an Australian Business Number in addition to the aforementioned requirements. Obtain the necessary qualifications to register your company with the Australian Business Register.

 Obtain Insurance

Before offering various roofing solutions, a roof construction firm must obtain the necessary insurance, such as indemnity, public liability, and work cover. Any accidents or injuries that occur at work are financially covered by the insurance.


Roofers in Australia have a ton of business possibilities in the construction industry. Future industry expansion has enormous potential, says Sunshinecoast Roofing.

Follow the instructions above to fulfil the requirements for licensing and certification to offer contract procurement services in Australia, whether you wish to become a roofer or launch a roofing business.