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Written by Royal Migration | September 26, 2019

Royal Migration | Canada Immigration And Visa Services

Lots of peoples desire to visit Canada due to its growing economy which is generating millions of employment proposals for inherent people from everywhere. Apart from this, the name of Canada also comes under the list of the top beautiful countries in the world. The country is packed with exceptional educational equipment, cutting edge technology and exquisite landscapes on the planet. Though, obtaining a visa to reside and work in the country is not perpetually as straight forward as many would hope.

So herewith Royal Migration – a well-known name in the immigration industry let’s find out how you can get the best immigration and visa services.

Canadian visa is imparted to the immigrants who have the right to live and work in Canada with no stay limits. And to get it, the implied appellant has to formally apply to the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC). On the basis of manifold compelling constituents such as quality of living, occupation opportunities, protection, and environment the United Nations (UN) has ranked the nation as number one for permanent residence purposes. And occupying into Canada through Royal migration Dubai is the most reliable option.

Pathways to get PR in Canada

Student Pathway 

This is one of the most authoritative ways to get into the country if you aren’t qualified for any other pathway. Since numerous give inclination to the Canadian student experience, studying in Canada can be an exemplary way to obtain permanent residence status. Also, throughout studying one can improve his/her skills and may attain a quality life.

Family Sponsorship

This is one of the most relevant and successive ways to get into the country. If you are wedded to a person or have kids who are the residents of Canada then they can sponsor you to come to Canada. But the only requirement is the person who is sponsoring you must be financially stable to support you in the country otherwise it would be difficult for you and your partner to survive in the country.


Royal Migration Dubai explains this visa category is suitable for those who have high incomes, and want to set up their business in Canada. For this class of visa, all you have to do is to represent your business idea to the authoritative of Canada. If they like your business idea they can sponsor you to come to the country.

Express Entry Program

This program was originated in the year 2015, it is an online administration system that oversees all governmental rivulets under financial immigration programs which include Governmental skilled worker, Canadian experience class and National skilled trade. Below this system peoples who desire to live and work in the country, and who satisfy the merest acceptability criteria may submit an illustration of interest in appealing for PR by designing an online profile. Every profile under the comprehensive system is given as a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) that is further used to rank applicants against each other in the pool. More distinguished the scores more eminent will be the opportunities to get an invitation from the IRCC. Royal Migration Dubai can help you more professionally in this.

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