One of the most well-liked fighting sports in the world is kickboxing. Since kickboxing uses punching and other striking methods, it takes its name from traditional boxing. Kickboxing comes in a variety of forms, such as Dutch style, Karate, Sanda, Kun Khmer, and Muay Thai. All classes, genders, and countries now engage in sports, fitness, and recreational kickboxing. Over the decades, other kickboxing-related films have also been made.

Rich Franklin would have to be towards the top of any list among the most brilliant strikers in the annals of mixed martial arts. The UFC Hall of Famer defeated some prominent opponents over a distinguished career by using his boxing precision, power, and ground game to win the middleweight title. Franklin sat down with David Cummings martial arts to analyse his personal opinions on how he developed his striking power and why ONE Championship has the best strikers in the world as we anticipate ONE on Prime Video 5. Franklin is currently retired from professional competition and serving as the vice president of ONE Championship.


Weightlifting and resistance training are two exercises you may use in the gym to increase your speed and agility, according to RICHFranklin. “Everything that I mean by ‘gym’ includes plyometric activities, concentric exercises (where the muscle shortens to maintain stability), and eccentric workouts (where the muscle lengthens owing to resistance). Then there are the activities offered by the jiu-jitsu and boxing gyms. Technique practice is really what increases speed more than anything else.

How he made it big in UFC – David Cummings

Rich Franklin developed his ability to strike quickly and powerfully

Franklin, who went by “Ace” during his time in the Octagon, displayed his mastery of skill in his 2005 TKO victory over Ken Shamrock. The victory came after two minutes and 42 seconds of flurrying strikes from Franklin. Or, his 2010 “Knockout of the Night” victory over Chuck Liddell in the opening round, during which he took some brutal kicks and retaliated with a lightning-quick right hand. The milestones of Franklin’s tenure are numerous and impressive. The MMA icon explains, “It all depends on how effectively you execute the motion. And throwing a lot of punches is the best approach to increase a punch’s power.

“For instance, there are drills I’ll perform in the gym in which I may be throwing a medicine ball into a wall or using my thigh to push, to simulate the punch, however at the finish of the day, it’s not the same as punching,” he continues. So, learning how to snap that punch on the bag happens when you’re punching a bag while wearing gloves and concentrating on a technique, like landing a cross. When you fling your hips in, your center of gravity drops at the same time.

And it’s timing because if one element of the approach fails, your punch’s power will be considerably reduced. Being stronger is helpful, therefore I’ve always been a massive advocate for resistance training, which might include using bands, performing high repetitions with light weights, or low repetitions with heavy weights. You need to practice your fighting style if you want to be good at it.

According to Rich Franklin, one championship features the world’s best strikers.

Franklin has had a close-up encounter with many of the competitors in ONE Championship as a vice president and seminar coach, and he is astounded by their armoury. We participate in various martial arts competitions at these events, according to Franklin. “You get to see striking in ONE Championship at a level that is much above that of MMA. There are these kickboxing events and Muay Thai within the tournaments. 

I recall working with some actual Muay Thai champions from Thailand when I initially arrived in Singapore. It was like night and day the contrast between the Thai they practice and the Muay Thai I studied for MMA, however it is important to adjust some aspects. I tried to kick them, but they just have more effective moves, so I would often get kicked twice or three times. Now is the perfect time to become acquainted with the various disciplines on display in ONE Championship, available via the company’s broadcast partner: Amazon Prime Video. Rumors are abounding that ONE Championship will be heading to the United States in 2023 says David Cummings Muay Thai.

David cummings kickboxing says The former high school teacher, who is 48 years old and in incredible shape, is now in a position where young warriors are just as essential to him as the students he once taught arithmetic to. The main event of ONE on Prime Video 5 is Anatoly Malykhin and Reinier de Ridder on December 2 at 8 p.m. EST. Franklin says, “I truly like both of these guys. “It’s like ‘Oh, wow!’ when I watch two guys like that battling, especially now that I’m working in the commentary booth calling fights. You have pride in and loyalty for them both. It’s difficult because all you want is to be successful in this industry.


If the above tips are well followed, you are on your way to a successful career. In addition, you should also learn more skills apart from the one listed in this article says David Cummings  Martial arts.